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  • Stylistic Choices In Rhetoric

    Stylistic Choices in Rhetoric There is something about grandma’s secret recipe, or the one from the classy restaurant, or even the kind from the can, that people find enjoyable about soup. One may ask, what are the characteristics about soup that draws people to it? Soup is diverse in its appeals, simple or exotic in its ingredients, light or creamy in its broth, and casual or formal in its purpose. The chef is the ultimate decision maker in all these factors. A chef’s artistry is similar to that of a writer’s, or speaker’s being that the final product conveys the artist's signature style and aims to evoke certain feelings and emotions through their creation. Just as ingredients assist a chef in accomplishing just that, the elements of rhetoric…

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  • The Importance Of Food In A Multicultural Country

    other society networks. Thus, I feel happy while I am working in this restaurant. One time, I heard the worst commend from a couple American clients, and it made me upset with myself. There were many questions appearing in my mind at that moment. Why they were saying that? Was there anything wrong with their meal? Even though, I kept asking myself about why they said that, I chose quite satisfied, and kept calm with this irritation. However, being a part of the restaurant could not stop me…

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  • Spicy Pickle Analysis

    1.Sweet and Spicy Pickle Relish Link: Image: sweet-and-sour.jpg Combining the delicious pickle we know and love with the essential no-hot-dog-would-taste-as-good-without-it relish, this sweet and spicy Marisa McClellan pickle relish is a hot favorite. To whip up a batch of your very own, simply combine 3 cups of green peppers, 2 cups of grated cucumbers, 1 cup of minced or grated onion in a stainless steel…

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  • Research Paper On Jamaican Culture

    A small island like jamaica is known for its beauty. Our motto “ Out of Many, One People” means that even though we are of many different races, backgrounds and cultures we are all one people. Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean Island, measuring 146 miles at its widest point. People from all over the globe come for visitation and also living purposes because of our delicious foods, beautiful beaches, and our great music. Our national dish is ackee and saltfish , it is most often times…

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  • Olive Garden Research Paper

    Imagine you are driving down the street and you can smell the bread sticks and the smell of the spices and the soup filling the air. You entreat your parents to take you there. There are many good things about Olive Garden. Every time you go there your mouth will water for the food. In my opinion, the best place to eat is the Olive Garden because of the food, atmosphere, and popularity. I’m going to start about talking about the great food there. The soup and the unlimited breadsticks are a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spice Trials And Trips

    Spice Trials and Trips There were all these spices: turmeric, star anise, masala, mingling in hot air with the slightest differentiation, but still melting together in one pungent curry. The bright, orange-red chicken with the thick, gloopy sauce, paired with a fluffy piece of roti to wipe the whole plate clean was my siren song. My palate was already satisfied by the aroma the food was steaming with, but I had to ask: “There isn’t too much spice in this, right?” “Oh, you can handle the…

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  • Cover Letter For Restaurant Essay

    amazingly diverse cuisines with healthy nutrition and unique flavors for foreign customers. In addition, I am also eager to offer exceptional organization skills and innovative ideas in an Accounting student’s perspective to improve business’s overall performance. On the other hand, working in the position of a tax accountant or financial analysist also interests me. Finally, as my long term objective, I would like to set up a new Vietnamese food franchise in Australia, taking on new challenge…

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  • Ways To Chop An Onion Without Crying

    How To Chop An Onion Without Crying , Tested Ways Onion is one vegetable that does not only gives a yummy taste but even makes you cry. You just count the number of times you have cried while cutting onions. No matter what you do they just can't stop bringing tears to your eyes. The scientific reason behind why onions bring tears is that onion absorbs sulphur from the earth and form a group of amino acid sulfoxides. When you cut the onions it releases sulfenic acids that cause an irritation to…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Restaurants

    Social Media is something that we all use. We use it to connect with friends and family, keeping up with our favorite celebrities and shows. But even tho we might not notice we also use it to keep up with some of our favorite restaurants and leave reviews. Social media has become one of the greatest tools for restaurants as a form of free advertising and listening to their customers reviews. Having your customers review your restaurant can also have its downsides just like it can bring you many…

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  • Crawfish Terrine Analysis

    Smoked Catfish & Crawfish Terrine This Crawfish Terrine looks like a very complicated gourmet dish. But this appetizer is actually very easy to make. You simply need to smoke the catfish, then combine it with all of the other ingredients, and then pour the mixture into a loaf pan. The smoked catfish and crawfish taste exceptional together. So what is a terrine? Terrine is very similar to a pate, but the ingredients are chopped more coarsely. Serve crawfish terrine chilled, or at room…

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