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  • Kekvlar Research Paper

    Kevlar Kevlar (poly para-phenylene terephthalamide) is a registered trademark for para-aromatic polyamide synthetic fiber that contains polymer (multiple chain bonds) which makes it extremely strong. It is flexible, light, and thermal stability allowing this unique synthetic fiber to be used in advanced technology applications such as bulletproof materials. Invention The invention of Kevlar® was developed in 1965 by a chemist, Stephanie Kwolek. Kwolek made the breakthrough while working at DuPont Laboratory. While she was working for DuPont™, her research team searched for a lightweight but strong and durable fiber for tires to be used in racing. She dissolved her polymer, poly-p-phenylene-terephthalate and poly benzamide. The solution came out strange, it poured almost like water and cloudy. Kwolek and technician…

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  • Body Armor History

    Starting off with the chain bodysuits in medieval times, body armor has evolved through many technological advances. During current military operations, Soldiers are suited up with bulletproof vests, and outer tactical vests with ballistic material for bullet resistance. The progress of body armor over many many years has gone all the was from animal skins, to chains covering a knight's body, all the way to ballistic vests, fully bulletproof suits, military helmets with bullet proof technology…

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  • Keivlar Research Paper

    Kevlar properties Chemical make-up Kevlar is a weaved fibre known as poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide. Kevlar is part of the aramid family. (Kevlar-The Super Tough Fiber)Aramid chemical name is aromatic polyamide. Aramids was the first organic fibre to reinforce advanced composites. The reason being it strength, and tensile modulus was high enough to be used in advance composites. The fibre mechanical properties of an aramid are higher then most materials like steel and glass fibres if…

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  • Bulletproof Weapons

    Is it true bulletproof clothing can help save a life from any kind of weapon attack? Bulletproof clothing can not save you from any kind of weapon attack. But as the materials in the armor improve the likely it will be that the armor will be able to protect someone enough to keep them from being fatally wounded(Ollhoff). As the armor becomes more protective it is also starting to become more discrete. The armor ranges from vests to tuxedos and blankets(Forero). The materials in the armor range…

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  • Research Paper On Poly-Paraphthalamide

    terephthalamide, or Kevlar, is a strong polymer that has been used in a wide range of applications from clothing to spacecraft. The material was chosen because of its relevance in my life as a musician due its application in marching snare drum heads. Kevlar's inception dates back to the late 1960s and early 70s in a DuPont facility, where a young woman named Stephanie Kwolek was researching high-performance fibers for use in reducing gasoline consumption in automobiles. Her team was to find a…

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  • Keevlar Research Paper

    Panel 1 A small town misanthrope builds a Kevlar suit and goes on a merciless killing spree in this visceral thriller from director Uwe Boll. This is the synopsis of the movie RAMPAGE 2009. As horrifying a picture as this paragraph paints, one cannot help but wonder how this young man is standing unharmed in an explosion such as the one behind him on this poster. Perhaps we should take a look at what he is wearing. Is that the Kevlar suit? Why is he dressed in it from head to toe? Let’s find…

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  • Kekvlar Essay

    KEVLAR COURSE: CHEMISTRY COURSE CODE: CHY 1001 FACULTY: Mrs. MANJU S L FALL SEMISTER 2015-2016 Kevlar will be the enrolled trademark for the para-aramid engineered fiber, identified with additional aramids, pertaining to example, Nomex andTechnora. formulated coming from Stephanie Kwolek with DuPont in 1965, this high-quality material \'m initial industrially utilized to be a portion of the mid 1970s being a substitution pertaining to steel in…

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  • Police Officer Essay

    conflicts between people using reasoning. I like to think I make great decisions, but like all people I make mistakes. Unlike all people I do what I can to correct those mistakes. In order to become a great Police Officer people need to have Interpersonal relationships. Police Officers are exposed to danger every day so an officer must wear a Kevlar vest. If someone is not familiar with what a Kevlar vest, here is an explanation. A Kevlar vest is a type of body armor. Kevlar is very strong,…

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  • Research Paper On Bulletproof Vests

    Although bulletproof vests as we know are a modern invention, the search for protection against enemy attacks has existed since the beginning of times and man-to-man combat. The origins of the first bulletproof vest are controversial, who was first and to invent it, and when is unknown. However, the fact is that anywhere in the world, and anytime new guns were created, defense mechanisms against it were developed. For example, Persian soldiers led by Darius used straw vests against enemy…

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  • Us Vs Kolson Industries Inc

    I found some existing case literature I thought you might find an interesting compliment for your forum's summary. EEO offenses aren't in my bailiwick so I was curious about international enforcement of the violation. There was a federal case prosecuted out of the Eastern District of Virginia: US v. Kolon Industries, Inc. Kolon is a South Korean company which competes with Dupont in the manufacture of synthetic fiber which Dupont has successfully marketed as Kevlar. Over a period of many…

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