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  • Defour Film Analysis

    Detour Detour is a 1945 film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. The film starts off by a piano player Al Roberts drinking coffee at a diner while hitchhiking east from California and song plays on the jukebox which reminds him of his former life in New York City. In the flashback, we learn that Al was bitter about his talent going to waste in a cheap nightclub and so was his girlfriend, so she decided to seek fame in Hollywood, leaving him behind. Later, he decides that he cannot live without her and wants to marry her, leading him to hitchhike his way across the country. In Arizona, Al hitchhikes on a ride from Charles Haskell who is going all the way to Los Angeles to place a bet on a horse, and during this ride he asks Al to pass him pills many times. At night, Al is driving while Haskell is asleep and it starts to rain, so Al tries to wake him up but is unable to. Al then opens the passenger door and Haskell falls out, hitting his head on a rock, and then Al realizes that he is dead. Out of fear that he police will believe that he killed him, he drags out the dead body from the road, steals his clothes, money, ID, and car and drives away. He spends a night in the California motel and then decides to leave the car in an urban area, on the way he meets another hitchhiker named Vera. After a while, Vera asks him what he did with the owner of the car and he tries to lie and say that it is him but she had been picked up by Haskell in Louisiana so…

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  • Auteur Theory Essay

    Now that Barthes has tried to definitively exclaim that the author is dead, we examine other cinematic forms of authorship this week, notably through the practice of producers, studio executives, and commercial properties. Through the work of Matthew Bernstein, Thomas Schatz, and Timothy Corrigan we find arguments for sub-facets of authorial figures in cinema, but ultimately note that the auteur theory can only be applied to cinema directors. Matthew Bernstein states that rarely is there such a…

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  • Master Of None

    only for accented and stereotypical IndiansAfter that Dev gets called in while he rehearses the lines with the director he gets told by the casting director he wont be gettin the call back because he wont do an accent.After “Dev” finishes audtioning for this role he recieves an email thread that accidently was leaked from the producer’s email saying they are only able to cast only one Indian and then includes a racist remark towards the end( an horrible curry joke!).Dev confronts the…

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  • Broadway Vs Hollywood Movies Essay

    Chicago, Mamma Mia!, and Hairspray all premiered in theaters while their counterparts were still on Broadway. There is a reciprocity to these relationships as the marketing prowess of Hollywood gets the name of the productions out to the masses, and a hit Broadway show produces excitement around the film for those far from the stage (“Return of the Hollywood Movie Musical, n.d.). However, the same scenario was true of The Producers so Hollywood cannot rely solely on the Broadway rapport. Another…

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  • The Impacts Of Twitch And The Gaming Revolution

    Twitch is a video streaming service that is growing fast. According to current estimates, Twitch uses approximately 1.35 percent of Internet data in the United States. The only companies that beat out Twitch in usage were Netflix, Google and Apple. (Tsukayama, 2014) Twitch allows consumers to preview game content via no-biased producers. Producers on Twitch are able to make money streaming content. Twitch is an excellent service that is used by a wide variety of people and has a variety of…

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  • Three Stages Of Process Culture Analysis

    Explain the concept and role of the ‘producer’ in media production? The producer is responsible for every aspect of the show whether it is a TV show film, or even plays on stage. The job is very intense because you must be able to get people to finance your projects. The producer also has to oversee every aspect of the project from start to the finish product. The producer is the team leader they are supported by production assistants, coordinators and managers, depending on the size of…

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  • Pharrell Williams Pros And Cons

    play violin, piano and write music by hand. In today’s time, composers are producers who create music through their computer such as Pharrell Williams and Erick Arc Elliot of the Flatbush Zombies. Both of these producers repeatedly create some of the best music ever produced, and will only get better with time. The work of Pharrell is more popular than that of Erick Arc Elliot due to Pharrell’s time spent in the music industry and his involvement in mainstream media thus far, but that does not…

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  • Music And Self Identity

    Well, an outsider’s opinion of an individual is formed by comparing the actions of the individual with the identity of the group the individual affiliates with. For example, part of the group identity of a producer or DJ in the music industry is maintaining artistic integrity and remaining true to oneself - the idea of not adhering to someone else’s standards or rules (Daly). Some artists appear to deviate from these values. They are thought to be guided by financial or celebrity motivations…

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  • Power In Wag The Dog

    Wag the Dog, a political satire film, steps into a world where constructed and inter-subjective ideas are incredibly important. The film explores how ideas are constructed and how these ideas become reality through the acceptance by the masses and is an excellent demonstration of how identities, interests and institutions are inter-subjectively constructed. In the film, the president of the United States is up for re- election, however, a “Firefly” girl accuses him of sexual misconduct with…

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  • Characteristics Of Music Producers

    “Music Producer” “Producers generally start out as engineers, arrangers, studio musicians, artist or professional managers, and get their training on-the-job. Sometimes producers will use their own money, the record company’s money, the artist’s money, or an investor’s money to produce an album.” A producer must know both the music business and creative sides, be willing to take chances, have an understanding and love for music, and have a feeling for what is commercial. He/she must know…

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