Prison rape

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  • Rape In Prisons

    A traumatizing event damages a person. For instance, rape damages people mentally and physically in various ways. Also, the community is effected by the mental and physical instability of the victim. Furthermore, an enormous problem in jails and prisons is rape which is why the Rape Elimination Act needs to be strictly enforced. The Rape Elimination Act needs to be enforced for the mental and physical health of the inmates to ensure the safety of the inmates and the public. Rape causes various mental health problems which could harm inmates and the public in the future. For instance, some men become violent and angry after being raped: “James Gilligan describing a theory of violence, argues that shame is the primary underlying cause of the…

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  • Essay On Prison Rape

    gender of the officer is the same as the inmate then there is a chance that an officer could become a positive role model for them. On the other hand if the gender of an officer is different from that of an inmate, we risk the chance of unwanted activities occurring. Though we might not want to admit it, prison rape is real, whether it’s between two inmates or an inmate and a guard. In order to ensure rape doesn’t occur the best thing to do would have to be place male officers with male inmates…

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  • The Role Of Rape In Prisons

    Introduction The correction system in America is in many ways, deeply flawed. The ideology of prison is that it is created with the general purpose of making people better, morally and ethically, it was supposed to be the adult version of time out, take away someone’s freedom as a person for a while and hope that the same person would learn a lesson and change for the better. But in real life, people who get arrested for minor or not so major crimes gets locked up with the murderers and…

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  • Rapes In Prison Sociology

    In Chapter 5, the class discussed and viewed video clips of rapes in prison. Everywhere in society there seems to be subcultures within other cultures and prisons doesn’t seem to be any different. In my Sociology 210, Modern Urban Studies course, we are learning how violence is used for moving up in status when in a neighborhood that is in poverty. In an article written by Gordon James Knowles, “Male Prison Rape: A Search for Causation and Prevention”, writes about the “physical and…

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  • Life Sentence Of Rape In Prisons

    spend in prison is eight and a half years. That is more years than vehicular manslaughter. Rape has a maximum life sentence, if the victim is under the age of twelve. This should apply to all ages because no one can determine the trauma caused by rape. The world must take action and show people that rape is not acceptable and rapist will be servilely punished. Introducing life sentencing, castration and an improved reporting system will make the rape laws stricter. Rape requires a life sentence…

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  • Prison Rape Elimination Act

    The article, “NIJ’s Response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act” has a very strong message while also sharing important details that one may not be aware of in the first place. The main objective of this piece is to show what this act has accomplished in the three years it has be up and running, since this article was written in February of 2006 in Corrections Today and to also educate the reader on the complex problem of sexual assault in prisons nationwide. Some of the findings are examining…

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  • Prison Rape Elimination Act Case Study

    The use of force policy and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) policy can often be too detailed in nature. This police dictate what orderly steps an officer must take to enforce policies because law enforcement administrators and managers decide subjectively if the action taken by the officer was right or wrong. These policies are detailed in nature to them having a higher risk of litigation. For example, an officer is faced with a hostile Inmate who appears to be under the influence of a…

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselors

    order to advance the profession of counseling in general and the clinical mental health profession. This papers’ focus will demonstrate an emphasis on inmates and ways in which Clinical Mental Health Counselors can advocate for them. On a day-to-day basis, far too many inmates are kept in conditions that threaten their safety, health, and human dignity. The attested real scenario given by Bryson Martel did just that. Real Scenario During his stay in Arkansas State Prison Bryson Martel was said…

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  • How Does Rape Affect Society

    of an attempted rape or a completed rape (“Get The Facts”). It is the most intimate crime and also a crime that has left a huge effect on how we look at women and men today. Rape is one of the most most damaging crimes done to people. It is an invasion of a person and can leave that victim permanently damaged. One of the major problems of rape is that society blames the women for getting raped when it is not their fault all. Also, the government does not do enough to prevent it. When a man…

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  • Austin Wilkerson: Sexual Assault And Rape

    Sexual assault and rape are serious matters in today’s society. “On average, there are 288,820 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States” (“Sexual Violence Affects…”). Even with these statistics, rape is a violent act that is under-reported more and more each year. According to Webster’s Dictionary, rape is defined by, “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will, usually of a…

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