National Prison Rape Elimination Commission

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  • Fishman's Sex In Prison

    A majority of the prison rape research has explored correctional institutions in the U.S. Joseph Fishman paved the road for future prison rape scholars with his classic work published in 1934 about American prisons, entitled, Sex in Prison. Fishman’s contributions in the establishment of prison rape research are noteworthy. Such contributions included a theoretical basis that postulated as to why same-sex relations occurred inside correctional facilities, which was termed the deprivation theory. This theoretical argument would then be reworked three decades later into Sykes’ (1968) seminal research that detailed the five cardinal deprivations faced on a daily basis by the incarcerated populations, which included the prohibition of heterosexual relationships. Although emerging scholarship has argued against the deprivation theory, and re-oriented the discussion with empirical evidence that indicated sexual relations inside…

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselors

    advance the profession of counseling in general and the clinical mental health profession. This papers’ focus will demonstrate an emphasis on inmates and ways in which Clinical Mental Health Counselors can advocate for them. On a day-to-day basis, far too many inmates are kept in conditions that threaten their safety, health, and human dignity. The attested real scenario given by Bryson Martel did just that. Real Scenario During his stay in Arkansas State Prison Bryson Martel was said to be…

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  • The Role Of Rape In Prisons

    Introduction The correction system in America is in many ways, deeply flawed. The ideology of prison is that it is created with the general purpose of making people better, morally and ethically, it was supposed to be the adult version of time out, take away someone’s freedom as a person for a while and hope that the same person would learn a lesson and change for the better. But in real life, people who get arrested for minor or not so major crimes gets locked up with the murderers and…

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  • Juvenile In Adult Prisons

    Everyday more and more juveniles are placed in adult prisons and pay the price for their actions, but sometimes this is not always the case. “Around 250,000 youth are tried, sentenced or incarcerated as adults in the United States every year. On any given day, around 10,000 juveniles are housed in adult jails and prisons – 7,500 in jails and 2,700 in prisons, respectively” (Curley). When juveniles are put in adult prisons it is merely to make their sentence harder on them, but because of most…

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  • Analysis Of Sexual Assault In Prisons By T. J. Parsell

    Assault in Prisons “They’re coming back into society indelibly marked by what they’ve experienced – either traumatized by sexual assault, or hyper-violent by having learned to fend off threat,” said T.J. Parsell. He talks about how he relates to Linda’s son who was sentenced to prison over a petty crime, he set a trash bin on fire, at the age of seventeen and was the victim of multiple rapes while incarcerated with adults and he later took his life by hanging himself in his cell; Parsell…

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