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  • Defour Film Analysis

    Detour Detour is a 1945 film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. The film starts off by a piano player Al Roberts drinking coffee at a diner while hitchhiking east from California and song plays on the jukebox which reminds him of his former life in New York City. In the flashback, we learn that Al was bitter about his talent going to waste in a cheap nightclub and so was his girlfriend, so she decided to seek fame in Hollywood, leaving him behind. Later, he decides that he cannot live without her and wants to marry her, leading him to hitchhike his way across the country. In Arizona, Al hitchhikes on a ride from Charles Haskell who is going all the way to Los Angeles to place a bet on a horse, and during this ride he asks Al to pass him pills many times. At night, Al is driving while Haskell is asleep and it starts to rain, so Al tries to wake him up but is unable to. Al then opens the passenger door and Haskell falls out, hitting his head on a rock, and then Al realizes that he is dead. Out of fear that he police will believe that he killed him, he drags out the dead body from the road, steals his clothes, money, ID, and car…

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  • Write A Literary Analysis Essay On Allen Ginsberg

    homosexual was suffering from a mental disorder called “sociopathic personality disturbance (archive 1) being a homosexual openly would be hard at this time in the 1950’s because people had preconceived ideas of sexual perversion which caused conflict in society. At this time in history expressing your sexuality was more on the conservative side. This is what made Allen Ginsberg an unconventional writer, he was open and honest about being a homosexual. Even if Allen was disliked by many…

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  • The Beat Generation: The 1950's American Culture

    beatniks, a parody of the USSR’s “Sputnik” (Enck), the Beat Generation stands in stark contrast to 1950’s American culture. With the rapid emergence of a post-WWII society - suburbs and consumerism, traditional family values and an exclusion of the extreme - entered the authors who rejected it. Their ideology, shocking to those of their time, ultimately led to the creation of a nation-wide literary movement. The roots of this movement took place during 1944 near Columbia University, with the…

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  • They Re Not Your Husband By Raymond Carver Analysis

    Introduction This essay will be an examination of the minimalist elements in the two short stories, ‘They’re not your husband’ and ‘Neighbors’, by Raymond carver. There will be an emphasis on the thematic issues of body image and materialism in the two short stories. Chapter 1 Minimalism Minimalism is a movement in the arts; it arose in the 1950s and was characterized by simplicity and massive forms. Even if minimalism arose in the 50s it was first later, that the term would be used in…

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  • Paradise In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

    In Kate Chopin’s The Awakening (1899), protagonist Edna Pontellier is said to possess, “That outward existence which conforms, the inward life that questions.” In the novel, she lived her life outwardly as though she was comfortable and filled with happiness however, inwardly she was confused. Like Edna, Sal Paradise, main character of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road felt confused with how his life was turning out. Sal was living a mundane life until Dean Moriarty turned his apathetic emotions into…

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  • Analysis Of Black Nationalism In The Black Arts Movement

    “But listen, though, one more thing. And you tell this to your father, who’s probably the kind of man who needs to know at once. So he can plan ahead. Tell him not to preach so much rationalism and cold logic to these niggers. Let them alone” (Baraka, 1968). Clay has told Lula and Baraka to White Society, to be aware of what you teach the African American community, because you may find out that they are a lot smarter than they are given credit for, and may potentially lead to their death and…

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  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest French Analysis

    reattach the tires onto their cars. In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, people do in fact “go nuts,” and wrenches are indeed used, but not in the exact same ways. Randle McMurphy, the main character of this novel, frequently causes mishap in the insane asylum he lives in, causing him to go “nuts”; he constantly messes with its orderly and mechanical schedule. In other words, in Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Mr. McMurphy is the wrench in the machine that is the mental…

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  • Unwind Body Right

    A person’s right to their body has been an issue often debated throughout human history. Some examples of body right struggles include body snatching, organ harvesting, legal kidnapping, and abortion. In a novel by Neal Shusterman entitled Unwind, the repurposing of human teenagers is decided by their parents or legal guardians. Unwind exemplifies how an individual’s “right” to their body is determined by others. Unwind exaggerates and expands the issues society faces today about body right…

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  • The Beats: A Literary Analysis

    Beats see and feel things differently than the general populous, mainly craving to fulfil the unsatisfied desire to articulate something within oneself. Jack Kerouac’s narrative of On the Road is akin to a spiritual journey, or a process of self-discovery, in relation to the world. The characters of Sal Paradise based on himself and Dean Moriarty based on Neal Cassady form character personas around both of them in relation to the Beat aesthetic. The character of Dean Moriarty, in particular,…

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  • Neal Shusterman's Unwind: The Bill Of Life

    “Funny, but the Bill of Life was supposed to protect the sanctity of life. Instead it just made life cheap.”― Neal Shusterman, Connor, Unwind. The society of the novel, Unwind, written by Neal Shusterman, utilize unwinding on children aged 13 to 18. All unwinds believe that their life is valuable and should not be ended at such young age. Unwinding, the term used for separating one’s body parts, was a solution made to stop the Heartland War. The war was fought due to the issue between pro-life…

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