Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003

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  • Fishman's Sex In Prison

    A majority of the prison rape research has explored correctional institutions in the U.S. Joseph Fishman paved the road for future prison rape scholars with his classic work published in 1934 about American prisons, entitled, Sex in Prison. Fishman’s contributions in the establishment of prison rape research are noteworthy. Such contributions included a theoretical basis that postulated as to why same-sex relations occurred inside correctional facilities, which was termed the deprivation theory. This theoretical argument would then be reworked three decades later into Sykes’ (1968) seminal research that detailed the five cardinal deprivations faced on a daily basis by the incarcerated populations, which included the prohibition of heterosexual relationships. Although emerging scholarship has argued against the deprivation theory, and re-oriented the discussion with empirical evidence that indicated sexual relations inside…

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  • Sexual Abuse In Prisons

    There has been a growing increase in the female population of prison inmates. Harrison and Beck (2006) explain that from the year 2004 to 2005, there was a 2.6% increase in the female inmate population, which is more than the 1.9% increase for males (Blackburn, Mullings, & Marquart 2008). This composition change in itself is a question to ponder, however, this also brings up the topic of sexual abuse. It seems as if any time that women are present in a situation this becomes a possibility of…

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  • The Role Of Rape In Prisons

    correction system in America is in many ways, deeply flawed. The ideology of prison is that it is created with the general purpose of making people better, morally and ethically, it was supposed to be the adult version of time out, take away someone’s freedom as a person for a while and hope that the same person would learn a lesson and change for the better. But in real life, people who get arrested for minor or not so major crimes gets locked up with the murderers and rapists. The convicted…

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselors

    advance the profession of counseling in general and the clinical mental health profession. This papers’ focus will demonstrate an emphasis on inmates and ways in which Clinical Mental Health Counselors can advocate for them. On a day-to-day basis, far too many inmates are kept in conditions that threaten their safety, health, and human dignity. The attested real scenario given by Bryson Martel did just that. Real Scenario During his stay in Arkansas State Prison Bryson Martel was said to be…

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  • Prison Rape Elimination Act Case Study

    The use of force policy and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) policy can often be too detailed in nature. This police dictate what orderly steps an officer must take to enforce policies because law enforcement administrators and managers decide subjectively if the action taken by the officer was right or wrong. These policies are detailed in nature to them having a higher risk of litigation. For example, an officer is faced with a hostile Inmate who appears to be under the influence of a…

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  • Prison Rape Elimination Act

    The article, “NIJ’s Response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act” has a very strong message while also sharing important details that one may not be aware of in the first place. The main objective of this piece is to show what this act has accomplished in the three years it has be up and running, since this article was written in February of 2006 in Corrections Today and to also educate the reader on the complex problem of sexual assault in prisons nationwide. Some of the findings are examining…

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  • Essay On Prison Victimization

    and prison population is enormous. The amount of people sent to these facilities, outweigh the individuals who get out. In this section of victimization, this part of it has to do with the criminal justice system already sentencing the person to prison. The unfair inhumane treatment of inmates in the jail and prison population. The United States indeed need to change the prison communities. There is a need of evolving from what prison is known for now, to being what it should have been a…

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  • Should Young Criminals Kill Teen Offenders In Jail As Adults?

    listening to the non-fiction media podcast, Serial. I have seen two underage males be sentenced to life in prison for their actions in separate cases involving a death. I believe that it is right to punish teens for what they’ve done. If it’s a major crime like murder or others that have a similar consequence, then the teens should get the same amount of time in jail as adults. When should teen offenders receive life sentences? I think a person should be at least 16 before they can be charged…

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer Research Paper

    them chemically, using corrosive acids. As the boy enters adulthood, his fascination with anatomy takes a sinister turn, and he develops an affinity for human anatomy which eventually earns him a place in history as one of the most notorious serial killers, after he is convicted of torturing, murdering, dismembering, cannibalizing, and performing acts of necrophilia on his victims. This person is Jeffrey Dahmer (Silva, Ferrari, & Leong,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Prisons

    and it can be complex. One of the things that nearly everyone thinks of when they hear the term “criminal justice” is jail or prison. The purpose and types of jails, the advantages and disadvantages of private prisons, and the identification of the challenges of prison life are the subjects that will be covered in this essay. Are jails and prisons really necessary? Are they to be considered inhuman? Is it really better for a person to be isolated from the rest of the world? These are questions…

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