How Did Jesus Christ Changed History

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Jesus Christ was Crucified and Resurrected
Sometime between the years of 30 and 33, Jesus Christ was crucified and then three days later, he resurrected from the dead. Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God and the Messiah, sent down from Heaven to pay the price for the world’s sins. Jesus’s death and resurrection made it possible for man to be forgiven and saved for their sins in the name of the Lord. The resurrection changed history by letting all followers of the Lord and Jesus Christ be able to rejoice in heaven once their time on earth is done.

Chinese Make Silk
The Chinese knew how to make silk by the 27th century BC, but it wasn’t until the Second Century BC did the creation of silk begin to be exported to Europe and other areas.
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Muslims received massacres on unarmed individuals by the Christian army; due to the Christians actions the Muslims came fighting in a revengeful manner. Over a thousand years later the same fight between the Christians and the Muslims is accruing in the Middle East.

The First Punic War
During the Romains land expansion they ran into another much older empire, the Carthage, the Carthages stood in Rome’s ambitious ways and that was a problem for the Romans so they went to war. The war was at sea; the Carthage had a grate sea power while the Romains had never fought a single battle at sea. After 23 years of brutal fighting the Romans won, due to the loss of the Carthaginians Rome got some of there land expanding the Romains Empire.

The Plague Spreads Through Europe
The Plague, sometimes referred to as the Black Death, is a very painful and deadly disease carried by rats, and then the bacteria from the rats is transfers to humans by fleas. The Plague spread through Europe in the 14th century killing nearly 1/3 of their population. Due to the enormous population loss in the European country and in the world, it took several centuries for the world’s population to
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When Marco and his family reached China he entered the land of a powerful Mongol leader, Khubilai Khan, who sent Marco on many trips across the land. After 17 years of being in China, Marco and his family stated the voyage home, when Marco arrived back in Europe, he shared the crazy stories he encountered; he was also the first person to introduce the Chinese culture into the European culture.

Babylonian Captivity of the Jews
Between the years of 604 BC and 584 BC the Jews go into captivity in Babylon where they were being separated from the physical presence of their god. Due to the separation the Jews started to make had written scriptures, this scripture would soon later become the start of what we know now as the Hebrew bible. In 539 BC the Jews were allowed to go home but during the time of the exile there beliefs were changed, they now thought of their god as the god of the universe and the Jews became very protective of there religious beliefs.

The First College in the English Speaking Language

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