Bible: How Did Jesus Change The World?

Research Paper: How Did Jesus Change the World?
God is eager to establish a peculiar, devoted affiliation with all society through Jesus. Jesus is good-naturedly waiting for the people of earth to consent His invite: “I have been standing at the door and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and have fellowship with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20) This excerpt displays that Jesus would never turn on someone. If someone “opens the door” he will aid them with all his being. No matter if they are rich or poor, old or young, and confined or liberated.
Jesus made sure that people understood that the power and sovereignty of God overpowers all and is available to everyone. This essential theme
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Again Jesus’ undividedness is proven, it is the sin of the world that John indicated, not the sinfulness of the Jews. The continuous habit of the phrase “the world” in the scriptures of the Bible it comes to be even more apparent that Jesus Christ was brought into “the world”; to be a Protector and a Redeemer for both the pagans and the Jews. Jesus Christ extended God’s recognition of individuals. The “new Christians” did not have to be Jewish in order to receive the healing and redemption of Jesus or “comply with the law”. All they had to do was believe and accept that Jesus was the Son of God, and that he sacrificed himself for our sins. This is the significant point to discovering redemption in Christianity.
Jesus’ sermons make it clear that every person is truly blessed. It is prominent that the “poor” aspect is not mentioned. The belief of monotheism is people that only believe that there is one God. The “poor in spirit”, acclaimed as the Jews, believed in God not Jesus. Yet, this sermon goes to recognize, and bless all types of people, particularly individuals with a hard life. Jesus is highlighting that to have faith in God as He knows your desires and your quandaries, and all will be cured in the Kingdom of
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Most people only see him as an ethical honorable teacher, not to his full capability and purpose. They do not accept as true, because they are lacking faith. This is becoming extremely evident in our modernized industrial society. People have started to place scientific theory and evolution in place of belief and faith. Even in the current dating system it is conspicuous. For around two thousand years, the human race used A.D. and B .C. as a chronological timeline for the world. Only recently it was changed into the nonspiritual C.E. and BCE. In a Christian’s point of view this could be categorized as sacrilegious. Reason being, that this dating system was made to show not only the birth of Jesus Christ but the face that he is the most important person to have ever laid a foot on the earth. Also, it was because it proved that his existence single-handedly reformed the world. Jesus’ life and death was the basis for the world’s timeline for over two eras but yet, so many people have forgotten.
Another point is Christmas, although most of the western hemisphere still acknowledges this holiday, the meaning behind it has become lost and forgotten over many years. The holiday was to specifically rejoice and proclaim the birth of ‘Christ’ ‘Son of God’. There are many jubilant, light-hearted hymns to celebrate. Hymns such as ‘O Holy Night,’ ‘Away in a Manger’ signify the

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