Analysis Of Albert Wolters's Creation Regained

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Albert M. Wolters’ novel, Creation Regained, is a book on the basics of the Christian worldview and Christian education. This book is divided into five different chapters; What is a Worldview?, Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Discerning Structure and Direction. The first chapter covers the basics of what a worldview is and Wolters defines worldview as “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about thing” (2). In the book, Wolters says there are four elements to this definition of worldview which are “things” are anything that someone have a belief about, a worldviews is only a matter of a person’s beliefs, worldviews have to do with only the basic beliefs about things, and that a person 's basic beliefs shape them into who they are (2,3). As Christians, our worldview is supposed to be molded by Scripture, according to Molters. …show more content…
This chapter covers all the basics of what Christians ought to believe about creation, what the Bible says about creation, and about how the world was good before sin ruined it. The next chapter in this book is about the Fall. In this chapter, Wolters covers what Christians should think and know about the fall, how creation is not identified with the fall, and that world is perverted due to the fall. The third chapter is about Redemption. In this chapter the main issues that are covered are how redemption encompasses creation, Jesus’ ministry, and the basics of what a Christian should believe about redemption. The final chapter is about how the Christian worldview affects the lives of societal, personal, and cultural Christians throughout the world. The novel is meant be an educational and helpful to Christians on the basics of the Christian

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