The Importance Of Christian Worldview In Business

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Introduction Christianity position in managing a successful business is a priority. As Christians, how we present ourselves will have an ultimate effect on how society view us, the world, and especially God. Businesses and Christianity go hand in hand because guidance, leadership, and knowledge of all operations are written in the bible. The Bible illustrates the goodness of unity and the use of one 's gift to benefit others. From a Christian worldview, businesses and society should overall do what is right and not become accustom to the comforts and temptation the world has to offer. The world is continuously changing and producing a variety of reactions from people throughout. For some individuals, the world is growing and improving …show more content…
It also stabilizes life in times of trials and difficulties. Christian worldview implies walking in the right ways by thinking according to God and practicing the act of faith in every aspect of life. Occasionally, individuals who have Christian worldview in business always stand out compared to the ones who do not have any Christian worldview. In respect to that, they have different thinking, different management style and different treatment to the employees and managers morally. In addition, Christian worldview encourages basis of moral reflection. Therefore, Christian worldview helps in assessing culture and people’s position in the society.
In a similar manner, worldview shapes the people 's view of life and world differently regarding materialism, naturalism, deism, polytheism and many unseeing manners (Dockery& Thornbury, 2002). Seeing things in these perspectives provides direction and bearings when faced with different situations and challenges of new age, spirituality, secularity and pluralistic approaches to truth and morality (Dockery &Thornbury 2002). As Christians, we understand that everyone has their own opinion and view of life. Lastly, Christian worldview offers sense and resolutions for all phases of

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