Gospel Essentials Essay

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials
The Christian worldview is a view that stands out compared to other views. It is the belief that God created everything, has control of everything, and wants to be in communion with mankind. This paper will be about the Christian worldview and how it relates to God and Jesus, humanity, and the dealings of this world.
In the Christian worldview, God is at the center of this perspective. He is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful (Diffey, 2014). God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) and everything that lives, breathes, and roams this world. The world was created through God and his wisdom and he was pleased with all that he had created. It says in Romans 1:20, “For his invisible
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It is a story of a Creator who wanted communion with others, had a broken relationship with them due to sin, and found a way to restore it back with the hope of someday being in heaven together. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand all of the details of the Bible and things that happen in history, but Christianity centers around Jesus and what he did for mankind. Since humans were created by God, once someone accepts Jesus into their life they will notice an immediate change on their conscience which is the Holy Spirit. A person will know when they lie that it is wrong, but instead of it just being wrong to the other person they are lying to they will also know that it is a sin against God directly. No matter how hard someone tries to be perfect, history and the present time show that it is impossible. Christianity stands apart from other beliefs because there is forgiveness involved for every sin a person has or will commit. People are forgiven by the grace of God through Jesus Christ (1 John …show more content…
Many humans overthink things or seek logic when it comes to understanding something. Although the Bible can be backed up by science and history in most situations, there is still an aspect of faith that comes into play. I try to keep my beliefs simple and well known to the public in the hope that someone might ask me why I live differently than others. Humans desire fellowship and love just like God does, so the story of Jesus is the easiest thing to mention to anyone who asks about Christianity. I certainly have many faults and battle with sin, but God is on my conscience every day and I try to listen to that and follow it as best as I can. I believe one day we will be reunited with God and will love together for

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