Paul Helm's Scriptures And Truth

The author, Paul Helm, discusses the importance of understanding the logical concepts of the true value of the Word of God. Paul Helm is a reader, writer, and editor from Liverpool, England. He first taught in England, then he became a writer in the process of teaching. The author has written a variety of books pertaining to Christian beliefs and Christian perspectives of how people should view God. In the book, Scriptures and Truth, he stresses specific questions that give the readers a clear understanding of how to perceive the truth in the Word. He refers to different beliefs and views followed by his ideas of Faith, Evidence, and Scriptures.
Views of Evidence:
Paul gives questions that try to find the evidence of the Word. He mentions
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It had points that made sense with great logic and interpretations of what the Word of God is. It also had reasons that were not suitable for what should go with knowing the Bible. The fact of externalism and foundationalism are contradictory to what the true meaning of Christianity is.With the belief of externalism and foundationalism, they seemed to distance how to actually figure out the ways to become a part of God’s life. If we limited ourselves to only search for the evidence of the Scriptures instead of just meditating and focusing on God, then what is the point of even trying to relate and get closer to God? The Bible is for us to understand the truth behind the Lord and understand each book in context. We connect with the Lord more and more each time we read the Scriptures and as a result gain something from it. Our effects and outcomes of what we read brings us closer to God as well. Paul states that we must not just read the Scriptures, but merely look at the words, examine them thoroughly, and insure the force and impact with the Bible’s purposes. When we read the Bible, we should not rush through it as if we don’t have time. The Lord doesn’t rush us so why should we rush on Him? The way we react to the Scriptures is how we connect with the Lord God. Through writing down thoughts, praying to Him, or initially taking the time to meditate in the Word you get to become closer to God. The first verse in Hebrews chapter eleven says,”Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. This verse elaborates on the fact being that the Scriptures are filled with unseen truths we must have to have faith in to believe. In the book of Jeremiah, the Bible states many things involving the word evidence. Following the word evidence is truth. Truth is found multiple times in the Bible. It

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