Daniel Migliore The Approach To Scripture's Autohority

Chantal Müller-Mukamurera
September 2nd, 2016
Weekly Essay (week 2)

Migliore’s description of various approach to scripture’s autohority


Daniel Migliore is well known as someone who knows the difference between usual theology and what is vital.
In Chapter chapter 3 three of Faith Seeking Understanding he talks about a liberation liberating? message, which is the main subject in his approach. You can compare in chapter 1 his earlier discussion about the Task of Theology. His serious question has never been whether Scripture is a primary authority for Christian faith and life, but what sort of authority it is. A special role is the freedom in your thinking and doing. A faith based on the postion to dare asking questions.Freedom
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Protestants take scripture as literal and as God 's word.
The writers of the bible are seen as "secretaries of God" who have written what God has commanded through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Everyone should obey and follow God 's instruction.

Migliore criticizes the fact that exactly this approach to scripture has led to oppression in history (slavery, and patriarchiepatriarchy).
In contemporary setting he also considers this an undemocratic process which diminishes our free agency and can lead to a paradigm.
Migliore holds the view that a church which considers the bible as infallible in turn diminishes the power of scripture to liberate and embrace life.
To describe the bible as infallible "obscures" the true basis of the Christian "confidence".

Migliore also citicizes the widely held opinion that the bible is a guide to individual salvation as in the bible would speak to me, and ensures me of God 's salvation and mercy in Jesus Christ.
What counts is not the crucifiction of Christ as historical fact but the message that he has died for me on the cross.
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This withdrawal from the public realm would keep one safe from opposition.

Another point is to be aware of reading the Scripture historically both critically and with sensitivity to the direction in which it might move. There is a dynamic history oft heof the transmission of tradition within Scripture itself.
No event can be fully understood apart from the future that it engenders, says Migliore.
We regard the Scripture as a church book. It is a norm for us from ancient Christian, but it can not have a nominative character for all Christian today, says Karl Rahner. This approach is close to Migliore’s approach.
„it is also a point of departure from whose perspective we can arrive at an adequate and at the same time a critcal understanding of what is really meant by the inspiration of scripture and by a binding cannon of scripture.“ (Karl Rahner)
The teaching office does not stand over Scripture.
It only has the task of giving witness to the truth of scripture, in a vital way and interpreting it anew in historically changing horizons of

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