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The book is named “Heresies and How to Avoid Them”. A total of 12 writers contributed writings for the book; however, Ben Quash and Michael Ward are the editors. Ben Quash received an undergraduate and doctorate in theology from Cambridge University. He currently is an Anglican priest and Professor of Christianity and Arts at King College. Michael Ward is a writer, Anglican priest, and a Chaplain at Peterhouse. He received a doctorate from the University of St Andrews and has several publications. The purpose of the book is to show why it matters what Christians believe. The thesis statement is important because the book shows how heresies can affect one’s belief.
Ben Quash and Michael Ward divide the book into two part. The two part
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They took writing from other writers to debate why it is important for Christians to understand heresies and how to avoid them. The argument was supported by the cause/effect organizational method. The writers done a great job explaining the heresies and how it impacted the people and the church. Each writer explained the heresy’s time period, who contrived the heresy, and the purpose of the heresy. The argument opens one’s mind to how a heresy starts and highlights the negative impact it will have on believer’s lives. Although heresy are started by one’s opinion and misinterpretation of the Bible, it can be avoided if a Christian is rooted and grounded in his studies. With all things consider, the writers was clear and covered the topic …show more content…
I believe we are in the last days as the Bible suggests and there will be more heresies that will come into existence. As believers, we must do our due diligence to avoid negative teaching and rely on the Holy Spirit. Anything that contradicts the Bible should be avoided and it is our morale obligations as believes to study and pray so that we want be led erroneously. In Chapter 6, the writer talks about meaning of the word heresy in the Greek language. It simply means choice and every believer must make a choice to believe what the Bible says or choose to rely on someone’s interpretation of the Bible. Chapter 11 talks about ambiguity of the of a heresy. It reflects on the boundaries of the doctrine and how it is difficult to distinguish between a truth or an untruth. Also, this chapter put emphasis on the heresy of holiness. In 1 Peter 1:15-17, it talks about being holy. Holiness is a lifestyle and it is not obtained in a single day. Jesus shows us how to live holy and it is a daily process. Believers must stay in fellowship with God by reading, praying, and fasting. Every believer must be aware of heresies and how to recognize an untruth. It is our job to spread the gospel to nonbelievers and we must be aware that it is easy to spread a heresy. One sure way to prevent the spreading of a heresy is to use the Bible as a reference. It is good to study other

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