Essay On The Minister's Black Veil

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A black veil is a symbol for mourning, regularly used in funerals or during the period of time of someone’s death. Reverend Mr. Hooper wears a black veil, but the reason behind is not clear right away in “The Minister’s Black Veil” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Insead Mr. Hooper seems to be using the veil as a barrier between his community, almost as if he was hiding a secret from them. Among his peers Rev. Hooper is significantly feared because of his use of the black veil. In relation to being feared he has forcibly divided himself from the rest of the community to which he preaches to. Rev. Mr. Hooper is an example of what it is to be obsessed with an idea that consumes an entire being. Reverend Mr. Hooper had a haunted mind that led him to wearing a black veil for part of his life, which results in him to living with terrible consequences. Reverend Hooper’s obsession with hypocrisy and secret sin alienate him from humanity. Rev. Mr. Hooper indicates that many individuals are hypocrites and sinners in their secret lives. …show more content…
In other words he was not very up and enthusiastic during his sermons. He won people over by the words that he used. The sermon he gave when he first wore the black veil was given in the same manner and style as any of his other sermons, but this one in particular had everyone in the meeting-house watching Rev. Hooper’s every move he made. “So sensible were the audience of some unwonted attribute in their minister, that they longed for a breath of wind to blow aside the veil,” (370), they were hoping to see the reverend's hidden face to see the secret he was keeping from them. The community members notice the separation the black veil created between Reverend Mr. Hooper and themselves. They do not understand why he would wear a black veil to preach and what lesson might he be trying to

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