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  • Live Jazz Concert Report

    is a special type of language that can be use as a type of communication tool. Jazz is origin from African American and its main characteristics are swing and syncopation, improvisation, distinctive voices bent notes and modes. I’ve watched an amazing concert for the Jazz term paper. The title of the Live Jazz Concert is “Brian Culbertson feat Michael Lington” As the Piano and the Trombone player, Brian Culbertson is one of the main performer that caught my attention as an audience. Not surprising at all, I’ve done some research toward him. Brian Culbertson was born Decatur, Illinois. He started playing piano at the age of 8, drums at 9, trombone at 10, bass in 7th grade. I think most people are like me are these ages, playing around everyday after school and not worry a thing.…

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  • And For You, Miss Deluise !: A Short Story

    "And for you, Miss Deluise?" the genie asked, finally reaching me. "I wish for unlimited wishes!" I exclaimed, the words slipping from my mouth as the laughs tumbled out of those I called my companions. "Jamie, you can 't wish for that! There are rules!" Paul insisted, his glasses almost falling off as his head shook violently. All of them looked at me with pure superiority, as I apparently did not even know the rule. "No, a wish is a wish. As you wished, Miss Deluise. Unlimited wishes," the…

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  • Monkey's Paw Analysis

    The Monkey’s Paw: Who’s to Blame The Monkey’s Paw is a fairytale about a monkey’s paw that can grant three wishes to three people. It is tragedy that a young man, Herbert has lost his life after his dad, Mr. White grants a wish for 200 pounds. Moreover, I believe Mr. White, who insists keeping the monkey’s paw, ignores the warnings from the Sergeant and behave in a greedy manner are the three reasons to explain why he is to be blamed. First of all, I blame Mr White for the death of Herbert…

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  • The Battle Between Essenden And Armstrong

    the Audion circuit system that Armstrong had created using de Forest’s Audion. As Armstrong began to move on and discovered FM radio, Sarnoff did everything and anything in his power to prevent Armstrong’s FM frequency radio from being mass-produced. He didn’t do this in the name of radio technology, but because it would cost him the money he had been using to invest in the new technology called television. Even after Sarnoff offered to purchase the rights to FM radio, Armstrong was so upset…

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  • Possible Theme Of The Monkey's Paw By W. Jacobs

    In the short story “The Monkey's Paw” by W.W.Jacobs, a possible theme is, not everything is the way it seems. This is a possible theme because a lot of evidence points toward it being so. When the White’s decided to keep the Monkey’s Paw that the Sergeant-major told them to burn, everything went downhill from there. In the end, this is found to be a big mistake. When Mr. White makes the first wish he wishes for two-hundred pounds, but what he doesn't know is that making that wish was going to…

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  • Short Story 'The Monkey's Paw'

    The short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W Jacobs is about a paw that is introduced from a man name Sergeant-Major Morris to the white’s family. The monkey’s paw grants three wishes to three different men. Mr.White comes up with the decision he will wish for something but doesn’t know the to wish for wish and doesn’t know the consequences. This is why Sergeant- Major Morris is most responsible for the sorrows that resulted because he brought the paw and explained how to use the paw to the White…

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  • I Wish For Lots Of Money In The Monkey's Paw

    I wish for lots of money Wouldn’t it be amazing if your wish could come true? I believe that most people would have their wishes. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, Mr. White can make three wishes after he gets the monkey’s paw. Unfortunately, his son is died after he makes the first wish. At the ended of story, he can’t get everything he want because he doesn’t think the consequence before he makes wish. Since the strange events might happen, I still want to make a wish. My grandmother tells me…

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  • Jazz Opportunities

    The Jazz Age: Prevailing Opportunities for African Americans During the Jazz Age, jazz music, primarily dominated by African Americans before 1920, began to gain popularity among whites and transformed into an important aspect of American culture. The increased popularity of jazz music led to a growing acceptance of African American culture and presented African Americans with the opportunity to gain social status. Music has always played an essential part in African American life and its…

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  • Contributions Of Louis Armstrong

    was an important figure in 1920’s America because he popularized and changed jazz…

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  • Ragtime Music

    1. Give a brief definition of the following: a rhythm b. beat c. melody d. harmony a. rhythm: As an element of music, rhythm describe how is the song organized in patterns to create certain form of music. b. beat: It is the basic unit of time with which the rhythm of the song is measured, as a pulse. Also it can be used to refer the fundamental rhythmic organization. c. melody: It is the organization of notes of different pitches. d. harmony: It refers to the organization of chords used…

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