Monkey's Paw Analysis

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The Monkey’s Paw: Who’s to Blame The Monkey’s Paw is a fairytale about a monkey’s paw that can grant three wishes to three people. It is tragedy that a young man, Herbert has lost his life after his dad, Mr. White grants a wish for 200 pounds. Moreover, I believe Mr. White, who insists keeping the monkey’s paw, ignores the warnings from the Sergeant and behave in a greedy manner are the three reasons to explain why he is to be blamed. First of all, I blame Mr White for the death of Herbert because of his intention of keeping the paw. I believe his intention comes from his desire of the power of the paw. In other words, the mysterious power of the paw attracts him to keep it. With regards to when the Sergeant throws the paw in fire, Mr. White …show more content…
White is greedy for money absolutely correlates with Herbert’s death. I believe Mr. White already has everything he needs, since he is not able to think of a wish instantly. In fact, after Herbert teases him about the house debt, he needs the 200 pounds badly to make his life perfect. As Herbert continues to tease Mr. White to begin wishing, Mr. White yells, “I will! I wish for two hundred pounds.” (Jacobs 126). Here Mr. White demonstrates he is certain that he needs the 200 pounds to make life perfect. I feel this paw has its own rule of ‘give and take’. Mr. White asks for the ‘give’ of 200 pounds and the paw has chosen to confisticate Herbert’s life as the ‘take’. It is not surprising to say that some may hold different views that to blame others like Herbert himself rather than Mr White for his death. Furthermore, opponents of blaming Mr. White for Herbert’s death may say that Herbert should take responsibility of his own death, since he persuades Mr.White to wish for money. However, Mr. White still has the alternate choice. I feel he has the attempt of wishing for money at first sight, otherwise he would not consider Herbert’s idea instantly. Therefore, Mr. White's’ greediness of money causes him to make the wish that takes away Herbert’s

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