Possible Theme Of The Monkey's Paw By W. Jacobs

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In the short story “The Monkey's Paw” by W.W.Jacobs, a possible theme is, not everything is the way it seems. This is a possible theme because a lot of evidence points toward it being so. When the White’s decided to keep the Monkey’s Paw that the Sergeant-major told them to burn, everything went downhill from there. In the end, this is found to be a big mistake. When Mr. White makes the first wish he wishes for two-hundred pounds, but what he doesn't know is that making that wish was going to change everything. What he didn’t know was that he was going to have to pay a terrible price for his wish. In the first scene, the Sergeant-major was telling the White’s about the paw. “Better let it burn.” What the Sergeant-major is trying to say here …show more content…
“Well, I don’t see the money.” They were looking for the money that they had wished for. They had thought that the money would just appear out of thin air. Only what they didn't know was that something bad was going to have to happen first. They had not realized that the moment they laid hands on the paw; they were doomed. The Sergeant-major had told them that the wish would come with a consequence. Which means, when the consequence is in play, they will receive what they had wished for. “He shook his head.” Mr. White had probably thought that the Sergeant-major was playing with him. That he had found the paw, and decided to make up some tail to go with it.That the paw could not actually grant wishes, and that it was not actually bad. While some may argue that he could’ve thought that making the wish was a big mistake. Maybe this moment was the moment that he realized what had just happened. He realized that the Sergeant-major was right and he should've never made that wish. I still believe that he was thinking that the Sergeant-major was making a joke out of it. I think that this idea is more likely to be true because they say in the text, “with a glance of disgust at the object as it lay on the

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