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  • Creative Writing: The Changeling

    The Changeling walked around or flew about the huge base, the leader Queen Chrysalis smiled at the site of her Changelings getting to work. “Good work, those Power Ponies won’t be able to stop.” Queen Chrysalis said. A giant boulder crash through the hive front door, The Changeling quickly getting out of the way before it crushed them, Queen Chrysalis looked at the three fillies that came through the hole. “Well I was hoping for a more quieter break in,” Winter said, Autumn moved a few steps away from the Earth pony. “Who are you three?” Chrysalis question “That doesn’t matter!” Summer cried out, “What does matter is changing the shape of your base. It is really distracting!” “Changelings destroy them!” Chrysalis said, three thousand same looking bugs came out. “We have you three out numbered three thousand to three. Destroy fools” Chrysalis said, leaving to enter her chambers. “Well, I’ll take the one thousand on the left, Summer will take the one thousand in the middle and Autumn you can take the thousand on the right.” Winter said. “Oh, a mass genocide! It must be my birthday” Summer said, getting out her sword. Autumn used the ground to boost herself in the air landing in the middle, creating a circle of fire around her body before landing. Winter hit her head with her hand, she turn to her right, not seeing Summer next to her. “Oh we could just improvise. Who the fuck cares?” Winter stated. Most of The Changelings took flight, most getting into large…

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  • Idh 1001 Reflection

    1.Since it 's the beginning of a new year in college, it would be good to at least analysis my progress during high school, check for any improvements, and apply them to the new school year at college. Also this assignment will give us a set image on what can I expect from my intentions for the years ahead. It is necessary for IDH 1001 because it gives us a reflection of ourselves which we can take our reflection to somewhat predict the future in the Honors College. 2.This assignment will make…

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  • Reflective Essay On English 1001

    With time goes on, I have taken 4 steps English course, which are course of English 700 series and English 1001. As for now, I almost finished in English 1001. As for international student, English writing is a big challenge for us. I still remember the first time I went to the classroom of English 725. I was pretty nervous because I knew academic writing is hard, but very important for my learning life. Through four quarters of study English academic writing, I feel more confident because I…

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  • My English 1001 Class

    In the fall, I took the English 1001 class. I knew the class would personally be a struggle for me from my past writing attempts. I knew I had to pass this class in order to graduate, so it had a lot of importance to me. It was overwhelming to me throughout the class. Towards the end of the class, though, I saw a significant change in how quickly and smoothly I could write an essay. Before I ever took the class, I was a very limited writer. I had short essay assignments all throughout high…

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  • Essay On Women In Tartuffe And 1001 Arabian Nights

    Women are portrayed in Tartuffe and 1001 Arabian Nights in very contrasting ways. One work portrays women as equals to men and perhaps more intelligent than men and the other work portrays women is unfaithful and as slaves for the husband to do whatever they want to get the wives to submit to do what the husband wants them to do. Each work has quite a few different women that are portrayed, but the portrayal of each is almost always very similar to one another. In 1001 Arabians Nights the…

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  • Speech Team Subculture Analysis

    Speech Team as a Subculture At my high school, I was a member of the Speech Team for four years. Our team fits the definition of a subculture because of our unique cultural patterns (SOC 1001 lecture 2). By examining the cultural characteristics, material culture, and non-material culture, the Speech Team at my high school can be thoroughly evaluated as a subculture. The members of Eden Prairie High School’s Speech Team were a part of a subculture by cause of certain shared behaviors that…

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  • Acct 553 Quiz

    query? a) Where b) Select c) From d) Distinct Answer:b 26. Select name, course_idfrom tutor, teaches where instructor_ID= teaches_ID; This Query can be replaced by which one of the following ? a) Select name,course_id from teaches, tutor where instructor_id=course_id; b) Select name, course_id from tutor natural join teaches; c) Select name ,course_id from tutor; d) Select course_id from tutor join teaches; Answer:b 27. Select * from worker where salary>10000 and dept_id=101;Which of the…

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  • The Apology

    that no one could, and it was prophesized the individual who could, would have great things in store for him or her. The tale goes that Alexander the Great was the one who was able to untie the Gordon Knot and was able to do so by cutting through it with his sword. We related the Twitter post by comparing the knot to it saying, should we try and unravel this to get a better understanding and clear answer to this problem, or simply say its bogus and leave the knot tied seeing it would be too…

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  • Theme Of Gothicism In A Rose For Emily

    the marrying man (1002).” Probably the most eerie gothic-like aspect of this story is when Miss Emily finally leaves her house. Homer had left for a few days, in what they assumed he was arranging a place for them to live once they were married. However, during that time Emily is seen at the store buying a “rat” poison. The conversation goes, “‘I want some poison,’ she said to the druggist. ‘. . . I want the best you have, I don’t care what kind (1001).’” When the druggist names several…

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  • Object Analysis Of My Blankets In Native American Culture

    Brennan Blue ENGL 1001 sec 82 9/13/17 Object Analysis Finale Draft Audience: ENGL 1001 Purpose: to explore the “hidden life” of your object “from all sorts of personal, philosophical, scientific, and historic angles” (Szilagyi) among others and to ultimately make an overall point about your object. Titlehttp://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/family-watching-television-together-royalty-free-image/503847027?esource=SEO_GIS_CDN_Redirect What My Blanket Means To Me Blankets can mean many…

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