Reflective Essay On English 1001

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With time goes on, I have taken 4 steps English course, which are course of English 700 series and English 1001. As for now, I almost finished in English 1001. As for international student, English writing is a big challenge for us. I still remember the first time I went to the classroom of English 725. I was pretty nervous because I knew academic writing is hard, but very important for my learning life. Through four quarters of study English academic writing, I feel more confident because I have learned lot academic writing skills from those courses, which helped me be a better writer on multiple aspects. When I study in English 725, I did not know anything about English academic writing. MLA format and basic organization of an essay are …show more content…
English 1001 is a little different with the English 700 series course. The reason is English 700 series course is focused on all international students, but English 1001 is focus on all students. Taking an English writing course with local student make me feel nervous. The first class of this course, I remember the professor ask a question about rhetorical triangle. 98% students in this class raise their hands to tell professor they heard it before. However, I did not know anything about rhetorical triangle at that moment. In this course, the professor also required us read around 40 pages of textbook as homework. It is hard to me. When I start to read it, I saw many vocabularies did not know it before, so I have to look up in dictionary for each word. However, sometimes I still cannot understand the whole meaning about the sentence. When I take the quiz about reading, many ideas come up to my mind, and I did not know how to organize my answers. After taking a quiz, the professor will organize all knowledge about what I read to help me understand. Through those challenges, I feel I learned much knowledge about writing in different types essay, which is surprise informative and argument essay. From reading the textbook, I can get many idea to express my points, and understand what is readers really want to get from an essay. In the meanwhile, I use all skills, which I learned from English 700 series to complete English 1001. When I write an essay, I will know what information should I put in, and us what kind of way to express it. Nevertheless, I cannot like a native speaker to make an essay perfect, so I go to SCAA also. Different tutors give me different opinions to make me understand how to organize essay’s means of expression and make my essay better. I feel more confident after tutor’s help. I think I gradually got the point for writing an English

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