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I believe, that I ready to enter English 1101, I have numerous reasons for believing this. I will describe my reasons in a brief analysis, in this essay. The first obvious reason being that, College English is not like high school English. There is far more assistance that is offered to the students, with the writing and constructing their papers. Take for example the writing assistance given by the SSU Writing Center, as well as the Library and English conferences and even Feedback given by fellow college students. If the student makes full uses of these services offered by the college, they can turn a 0096 grade essay, into a paper that could pass for a doctorate professor’s dissertation. This would depend solely on, if the writer devoted enough time and effort to prefect the paper. I am committed to do devoting, my time and effort to the perfection of these Essay for the Portfolio.
English classes are quite difficult, all things
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“All problems take actions to solve them, so you can’t possible expect someone else to do your part. If we keep that logic we become the problem, by make those part of the solution do untold amounts of peoples work.” Which is good but not good enough to pass in a college English course, it relies too much on the concept, of the for or against principle which is actually a logical fallacy. They turned it into this quote “So there with would I conclude, that the enemy is not the establishment. But rather the enemy is our complacency, when we do not act on noble causes such as these. Because these affect me as an individual. Seeing hungry children, seeing wars, mutilations, racism, religious persecution, religious discrimination, sexism, social injustices…Ect.” It is more focused on the issues that affect those in society and those that wish they had the ability to change these

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