English 1101 Reflection

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English 1101 is a course aimed to prepare students for their future writing courses and have the necessary skills for writing college level work. Coming into this course I was hopeful that it would improve my general writing skills since throughout my secondary schooling it was acceptable but not exceptional. My current faults are hindering the comprehensiveness of my writings because readers have to sift through the damage to understand the argument and focus of the topic. While I am able to come up with content my inability to logically put it into a written form is something I intended to improve. After this course I hope to have revamped my former weaknesses so I can be a more clear and cohesive writer for the future
The faults within
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As an analytical person coming up with the ideas and finding reliable and relevant information is done with ease. Such as this excerpt from the Casual analysis essays “Here she shows that she can relate to those who take selfies and has a personal understanding of selfies affect. She effectively pushes the emotional downside to selfies by associating them as a degrading practice with women.” where I quoted the author and the explained the reasoning for use of her antidotal evidence and its connection to the essay. Writing thesis was another one of my strengthen as seen in the Evaluation essay’s introduction “Because social media is easily accessible, always up to date, and provides a variety of information for various audiences it is a better source of news than television” I am able to clearly layout the basic elements of the argument in one concise sentence. Besides writing this course aided in improving my discussion techniques by having to devise comprehensive analysis during class and engage in the conversations. Before this class I rarely spoke in lectures but the environment made me feel comfortable enough to do so which was one of the most beneficial aspects of the course for myself. This course identifies the weakness and strength of the students writing skills giving them constructed feedback so they may be able to improve those

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