Reflective Essay On English 1102

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English 1102. My very first class, an 8 AM, as a University of Georgia student. I had many feelings going into this class. I am not a morning person, so would I dread waking up in the mornings to go to class? I never felt my writing was perfect, so would I flunk my first college English class? I was used to high school classes, so would I transition into college smoothly? Little did I know, as soon as I sat down in my tiny college desk, I was about to be relieved. My teacher, Gale, changed my entire viewpoint on English 1102 but also college. Gale was excited from the beginning, and soon this infected me to be excited about the class, writing, and college. It was not until later weeks that I could make a personal connection with the writing process that Gale …show more content…
Throughout life I have competed in several pageants, and I could relate the learning process of pageantry to the writing process in English 1102. In pageants, I am judged and critiqued based off how I portray myself to the judges throughout different areas of competition. The different areas of competition range from interview, to casual and evening wear, to swim suit, and to on stage question. Each of these areas build on top of each other to create a final score to determine the winner. Similarly, with writing, my papers are “judged”, revised, or graded based off how well I can unify a theme amongst different ideas. For the first paper, we were assigned The Persistence of Memory: A Personal Narrative. We used an activity on vivid memories from the beginning of class to begin our thoughts on the importance of vivid, sensual details of memories. Along with this we had to incorporate a piece that we were assigned in class to use

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