English 1301 Reflection

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The Journey of English 1301
This is my first semester at San Antonio College. On the first day of English 1301 I did not know what to expect since I grew up in Germany and had never gone to school in the United States. All I knew was that we had to write essays throughout the course. Therefore I was eager to get started I was also a little nervous on the first day. Little did I know that English 1301 would make me grow to be a better critical thinker, improve my expressive writing skills and teach me skills to organize my texts in MLA format. Our introductory essay was a diagnostic essay about ourselves. After Mrs. Keller gave us some basic instructions we began brainstorming. At first I thought this should be easy, but I quickly realized that knowing the material does not automatically mean, putting it on paper is easy. Therefore Mrs. Keller provided us with worksheets that helped us organize our notes before we began writing. It took me quite some time to organize my life reflection but the worksheets made it much easier. I wrote down my key milestones, put them in chronological order and then put everything on paper. After some rewording, incorporating some transition words and checking the sentence structure and spelling, my story finally had a good flow and I felt good about it. I realized that writing was actually fun and I felt like English 1301 and I would be great friends. My favorite writing assignments
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After I found my topic, finding sources about recycling for the research paper was very tedious and time consuming. Additionally, I changed my thesis statement a couple times to fit my research better. There were occasionally were moments where I felt like my brain synopses had tangled in a knot, but with the help of Mrs. Keller, her PowerPoints and the online sources I eventually was able to put everything in order and was able to finish the

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