English 1102 Reflection

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I had to take English 1102 as a required course to obtain my degree. I was nervous about taking an online class because I had never taken one. I was behind an English class because of the way that my schedule had fallen the previous two semesters. I was advised to take the class during the summer, so that I would not get off track with my classes. My only option was to take an online class. The course was designed to teach me how to be a critical thinker, along with how to research and communicate effectively. During the course I had to pick a topic, complete assignments by the due dates, complete peer reviews, compose discussion posts, and complete research on my topic. My topic was on the difference between Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs). One of the first tasks during the course was to choose a topic. After a lot of thinking and reviewing M1 Supplemental Documents multiple times, I arrived at a topic. I chose to investigate the difference between a PA and …show more content…
The M4 Workshop activities helped me a lot with this assignment. The literature review focused on all three objectives of the course. The workshops helped me to invent and draft my document this was because each section of the workshop on the difference parts of the assignment. I also had to identify key ways to synthesize and incorporate my sources into my paper. In order to do this, I had to use quotations, summarizations, and paraphrases. I also found ways to provide credibility to my sources. For example, I used “Jill Curren (2007), a nurse practitioner” to provide credibility. I also used my sources to support and negate my claims. All during this time, I was having to think critically as to how this source effectively fits into a specific category or whether or not I am making it understandable for everyone to read and understand. The peer review of this assignment was very beneficial. It helped me to revise my

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