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Self reflection is the mental process that acquires knowledge and understanding through thoughts and experience which helps encourage self awareness. This essay focuses on assessing my objectives and how I have developed my skills from the beginning of this semester until now. At the start of semester A, I wasn’t confident in preparing for the skills sessions and workshops. I wasn 't always able to find the correct answers to the workshop questions set which made it relatively difficult for me to participate in lectures despite finding myself at the library every other day. I began by listening to knowledge based lectures online and making notes alongside the recommended reading given by my lecturers or the module guide.

I was finding it
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However, the feedback I received on my assignment helped me recognise my personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop on areas I needed to improve in order to get a better grade. I was able to cite a variety of relevant sources, thinking back I feel I need to review my research strategies. I still somewhat struggle when it comes down to researching a topic, therefore my main goal is to expand my sources and be able to improve my referencing abilities by the sources I consult and what I do with my findings. I need to plan which primary and secondary sources will help me find the material I need and to ensure I refer to in force and up to date materials. I was marked down and this was quite possibly due to me not citing authoritative sources and not using the OSCOLA referencing style guide accurately. Alternatively, for my next essay I will be taking on board input given from the last assignment. In my essay writing I tend to jump from point to point not being able to stay on topic and end up not actually answering the question properly. I must make sure that I always back up my points with good materials and …show more content…
I can do this by becoming a more consistent reader, as usually I want to quit mid way through the book due to lack of interest. Finding and reading as many examples of complex legal text can encourage me to demonstrate good legal writing skills. Another important skill I need to improve on is effective note taking. All lawyers need to be able to summarise information without passing up on any key points. Whilst note taking during my lectures I ensured I listened carefully however not all the information I noted down I feel was relevant and I may have missed out on a few key points. Rarely would I have the time to jot down a direct quotation so I would rely on my own paraphrasing which could risk changing the meaning entirely. Recording some skills sessions and workshops could be helpful however I have heard in the past lecturers have felt uneasy about being recorded and have asked to switch recording devices

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