Personal Reflection: One Active And One Dead Act

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When given the assignment to discuss one active and one dead bill, I wanted to pick ones that I thought would be seen in my future as a social worker. I scrolled through bill after bill and finally decided on an active, approved by the governor bill: Senate Bill Number 2107. Since there were many more dead bills, it was harder to pick one, but I went with Senate Bill Number 2667.
Senate Bill Number 2107 was approved by the Mississippi governor. It took effect on July 1, 2015 and requires “legislative drafting offices and state agency to use certain ‘person first’ references” (S. 2107). This means that instead of them being allowed to say “disabled,” “mentally disabled,” “mentally retarded,” or “handicapped,” they would be required to say “person with a disability,” “person with developmental
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They will no long be their handicap but will just be a person that has one. It could help remove labels from people and help create more opportunities for them. Even though this is something we learned about in school, to speak “person first,” it is wonderful to see that the state government is making change and listening to the voice of the people. I fully support this bill and hope that it moves to other states as well. I think the voice of people with disabilities will be quiet no longer and I hope to help make their voice heard. This bill is a step in the right direction for the people of Mississippi.
Senate Bill Number 2667 died in committee. It wanted to change Mississippi Code of 1972 to state that “the third offense of misdemeanor child abuse or neglect will constitute a felony, whether the prior offenses were committed against that same or a different child or children (S. 2667). It wanted to state that anyone guilty of the three counts of misdemeanor child abuse would be guilty of a felony and receive up to five years in the Department of Corrections or pay a fine of not more than $5,000 or

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