The Whole Self Analysis

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Assessment of The Whole Self The provision of evaluation entails the collection of data to identify, examine, assess, and address the problems, issues, and situations of clients in the counseling relationship. Assessments likewise help in determining what questions to ask and how the resulting information will be utilized in arriving at a diagnosis (Jones, 2010). Whether a clinician practices in a school, private practice, or other health care settings, assessment play an integral role (Hutchinson, 2015).
Assessing The Whole Person The practice of counseling is associated with assessment and diagnosis and is indispensable for designing treatment. In some approaches, a comprehensive evaluation of the client is the initial footprint
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Montague (2013) says these are not various personalities that we in some sense embody, they are facets of our individuality. Thereby, becoming the wholeness of a person's thoughts and values that develops one’s ego (Montague, 2013). When one component of an individual’s wholeness changes, it causes an unbalanced in one’s thinking, mood, and behavior affecting one’s mental status. Magolda, Creamer, and Meszaros (2010) call this the process of the mind’s power to treat and communicate one’s emotions, it touches the external response concerning the inner portion of the psyche. Therefore, using a mental status exam moves beyond self-composition, opening doors to how people think about the universe and how they …show more content…
Therefore, it is critical to choose the right mental status examination of the population one is serving. For that reason, I should have used the mini-mental status review with my client to gather information if there was a change in cognitive functioning. What I have learned, maintaining sensitivity and respect of another will enhance the healing relationship. As a result of this practice, I held an intelligent conversation with the client, offered an understanding of how the mental status examination operates, and how information gained can help in decision-making. Also demonstrating flexibility and eagerness to accept mistakes in my own thinking and the ability to prepare recommendations for

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