Purpose Of Self Reflection

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The purpose of the self-reflection journal is looking back at something that happened to you; how did you analyze the event or idea; what is the consequence or what it means to you and your ongoing progress as a learner. Self-reflection is exclusive component in life that helps us to understanding better of whom we are as individual, and what makes us to be what we are.

In the relation to the Kim’s game exercise, I was quiet and contemplative in the beginning. As it was demonstrated visually I began to understand it better. The purpose of the exercise was to work as a team, to structure and to organize as a team in order to complete the exercise. On the Belbin assessment I didn’t fully understand immediately, as I didn’t understand the objective
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One of my strengths is organization and I would always seem to be doing something. This couldn’t be truer. Looking at my work experience, most of the time I would plan my daily tasks, communicate with my colleagues, manage and motivate them to work as a team to towards certain goals. From time to time, once I made decisions, I would act on them straightway. One of my weaknesses is that I get bored easily. I totally agree on this point. Probably I made my mind up so easily and acted on decisions so quickly, that it would impact on the results and show that I wasn’t thinking carefully, thus I would certainly get bored very …show more content…
In order to progress myself I would need to communicate with my teammates more often, be open-minded and to fully participate in the group work, instead of staying in my comfort zone. On the Belbin assessment, I have learnt to be more thoughtful and pensive, to face challenges instead of feeling fear to shrink back. In the mean time I will have to develop my interpersonal skills, to be unemotional and be more prudent. To be more accurate and concise in my work I need to be calmer and always listen to others’ opinions. I believe watching some relevant videos and reading books will benefit this endeavor. On the personality assessment, I would need to develop thinking before acting skills. In order to do that I will need to plan ahead of tasks. I have to be accepting of the weaknesses in myself, and work extra hard, spending more time on my weaknesses. On the work turn on and offs assessment I have learnt to be free from bias, to acknowledge that I can’t let personal feelings overwhelm the facts. In the future I think I will talk to someone about my feelings and get a mentor to guide me when I am losing the direction due to an over-emotional

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