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  • Efp Great Mom Research Paper

    This is one of the most important things that I can do to be a great mom. “If there is anything that makes ENFPs great parents, it's the sense of wonder they have for all things new and beautiful, a sense that they will be able to share with their children every day as they learn and grow. Throughout their children's lives, ENFPs provide a combination of almost overwhelming love and support, and an unstructured environment revolving around freedom and creativity. This in no way means that people with the ENFP personality type will simply leave their children to their own devices without guidance – rather, ENFP parents want to share in their children's perspective, share in a world without bounds.” (ENEP Parents) According to this quote, I will always know when my kids are getting bored and will be able to help them learn new things about the things like oceans and the stars. My kids will always be learning about something new and expecting. They will never be bored or have to find something to do, I will never be to busy for my…

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  • The Myers-Briggs Test

    After taking the Myers-Briggs test I found out many things involving elements of my personality that I previously had overlooked such as my learning style, relationships, as well as my weaknesses and strengths. According to the test, my personality type is Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Feeling (ENFP). This means that I make many of my decisions based on intuition, and may be warm and enthusiastic towards others with the ability to talk my way out of situations. As stated earlier, the…

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  • Esfp Comparison To My Personality

    When I took the Myers Briggs personality test, my results came out to be ENFP meaning that my extraversion is stronger than my introversion, my intuition is stronger than my sensing, my feeling is stronger than my thinking, and my perceiving is stronger than my judging. ENFP means that I have extraverted intuition with introverted feelings. ENFPs are “keenly perceptive of people and the world around them and insightful about the present and future.” They “experience a wide range of feelings and…

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  • Essay On My Personality

    I think I would not get along with an ENFP. I used to have a friend that was an ENFP, and she drove me crazy. There is just too much difference in opinion and values. An ENFP is a type of person that is focused on creativity and they love to express their ideas and be fun loving. They are very sympathetic and take a personal side on most issues. In my experience, an ENFP is also not a planner. They simply let life happen. I tend to plan every minute of my every day, so this is not a good…

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  • Reflection On Fo Emfp

    Izabel Moore L.A.C Round Reflection #4 MBTI Assessment After completing my Myers Briggs assessment I found out that I was a ENFP. People who are ENFP’s tend to like to do spontaneous things and are overall very energetic. But they also tend to care about the people around them and will make decisions based off how it could effect other people. As the the paper explaining what a ENFP put it people with this trait are “ interested in the possibility for other people”. Overall after reading…

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  • Difference Between Humanism And Operant Conditioning

    I found testing by questionnaires is the most popular way to determine what kind of a temperament and personality a person has. But observation and experimentation with a person is another way that a person’s temperament or personality can be discovered. By taking the two tests I discovered the following about my personality. I am an ENFJ and an ENFP the ENFJs are people lovers who are charismatic and want to educate the world. ENFJs are great organizers of their own interpersonal affairs, but…

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  • Myers Briggs Essay Examples

    and final pairing is “J” and “P”, the “J” stands for judging they want a planned or orderly way of life. They are organized and do not like to change how they do things, they would rather stick to what they know. “P” stands for perceiving, people who have a “P” in their personality tend to be more spontaneous and go with the flow. After looking at what each letter means it makes it easier to understand the different personalities. For me, after taking this test I found that my personality had…

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  • Reflection Of Individual Personality Types In The Workplace

    Individual personality types lead to a wide variety in leadership styles and can affect the motivation and productivity of employees. Learning about my personality type and how to interact with various other personality types in the workplace will hopefully enhance communication and synergy throughout the workplace. The 50 question personality test (“Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory,” n.d.) assigned me the Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP)…

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  • Myers Learners Personality Reflection

    that I was more than likely ISFP- introvert, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. Nevertheless, my results of the MBTI said I was an ENFP- extravert, intuition, feeling and perceiving. Before taking the assessment, I do not think I truly analyzed myself as much as I could of. When I assumed I would be an introvert, I was just reflecting off of the fact I am alone most of the time. I work in an office alone and I am the only child still living at home, but I much rather be surrounded by people.…

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  • Characteristics Of An Extraverts

    For being an ENFP this is very true. I personally have done almost everything I’ve said I ever would. I went to school for cosmetology teaching/salon management. The reason I didn’t like the teaching part is because I felt not all the students cared as much as I did. I felt that they were only there because they thought it was going to be easy. I’m also an artist, I went to special effects makeup school. Art is my true passion, I wish I had more time to dedicate to working on art. Now I want to…

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