Reflection On Fo Emfp

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Izabel Moore
Reflection #4 MBTI Assessment
After completing my Myers Briggs assessment I found out that I was a ENFP. People who are ENFP’s tend to like to do spontaneous things and are overall very energetic. But they also tend to care about the people around them and will make decisions based off how it could effect other people. As the the paper explaining what a ENFP put it people with this trait are “ interested in the possibility for other people”. Overall after reading through what a ENFP’s personality is i generally agree with this fit for myself. Being a ENFP means that you are okay with spontaneous changes and adventures. I think that this part is the part that I have the hardest time relating to. In the past I used have trouble with just being able to switch up plans at the very last minute. Although as I have gotten older I have been able to be more and more okay with random changes in pans. So even though it's not my favorite thing i have learned to accept it. I can relate to it slightly better when put in the context of randomly getting up and doing something completely unplanned.
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THese two characteristics go along with everything else that i have been talking about previously but I feel like they are important components to mention seeing how well i can relate to them in my everyday life. I like to think that I have a very creative outlook on life. Because I don't like to think that there is only one right way to do everything. I also am a very caring person so that also fits in with my EMFP personality traits Overall I think that after I completed the MBTI assessment i got a better understanding of my strengths and what I am good at. I opened up my eyes to what i'm actually good and and hat I actually enjoy doing. In doing this I think that it has made me as a person become stronger at what I enjoy. This assessment helped me to realize strengths that I didn't even know that I

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