Godfrey of Bouillon

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  • Why Did The Crusades Obey Urban II's Order?

    II’s order because they felt betrayed by Alexius I. In 1099, after the crusaders celebrated their victory, they concluded that they had to repopulate the city, appoint a rule, and expand their territory to keep Jerusalem under Christian rule. However, the Christians establishment of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem emerged out of Muslim disunity and alliances between Muslims and Franks. The leaders of the Crusade immediately assigned a ruler to protect and govern Jerusalem. Initially, the leaders offered Raymond of Toulouse, a Crusade leader the title as the ruler of Jerusalem, but he refused it hoping that they would beg him. When Raymond refused this offer, the leaders asked Godfrey of Bouillon. Godfrey accepted the title as “Protector of the Holy Sepulcher” rather than “King of Jerusalem.” Godfrey, similar to Raymond, believed that the only King of Jerusalem was God. Godfrey’s reign was short-lived because he died in 1100 and his brother, Baldwin of Edessa took over the throne as the first king of Jerusalem. From 1104 until 1108, the Muslims imprisoned Baldwin. Therefore, Jerusalem was in a fragile state without a strong governing body and so the city was an easy target. Nevertheless, Baldwin recognized that the Holy Land did not have enough occupants to defend the city’s walls and towers against invaders, therefore, he established a plan repopulate the city. In William of Tyre’s account of Jerusalem’s construction, he states, “Turning the question over in his…

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  • The Industrialized World Film Analysis

    mechanism by which the artist turns the simple into the phenomenal, the static into the dynamic, the two dimensional into the three dimensional, and can be looked at through the lens of Gestalt psychology--the concept that the work as a whole is different from the sum of its individual parts. Based on the current, Western perception of progress, society can be broken into collections of nations and regions that form pseudo classes or castes--the most distinct being the Emerging Countries and the…

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  • Wallace Vs Bouuillon Essay

    William Wallace and Godfrey of Bouillon. These two were alive during this period and fought many battles each with their own cause. Since both Wallace and Bouillon lived under similar circumstances and same era, they were bound to be similar in some areas, both Wallace and Bouillon have very similar achievements yet they are very different when it comes to their expertise. When it comes to commanding an army both Wallace and Bouillon used promise to keep their armies fighting. Wallace was…

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  • The Knights Templar: William Hansard

    The Knights Templar/ William Hansard The Knights Templar was an ancient group knights that acted upon Christianity and were used as a military force. They were assigned to attack and raid muslim soldiers. The original knights were led by Sir Raymond of Saint-Gilles, Godfrey of Bouillon, Hugh of Vermandois and Bohemond of Taranto. The Templars ended up doing what they called Crusades in which they went and attacked threats to Israel. There were a total of six Crusades. By the first they were…

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  • Hermit Vs Crusades

    having the absolute control of Jerusalem considered a Holy Land, where people made pilgrimages. The one ruling Jerusalem during that period wasn’t allowing any pilgrims into the city, what anguished the Pope and the Catholics since it was a significant city to their religion and beliefs. Peter the Hermit and King Louis IX of France had the same goal of gaining Jerusalem for the Catholic Church by contributing in one way or another. Both were important pieces to the Crusades, yet they had…

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  • Hierosolymita Ekkehard Summary

    Paul Halsall's note: Ekkehard, a well-known German historian had completed a history of the world in the year 1101 when he determined to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem On his return he entirely rewrote the particulars of his history relating to the First Crusade, and finally issued it as a little separate volume called Hierosolymita. His work is regarded by historical scholars as remarkably painstaking and temperate. After mentioning the capture of Jerusalem by Godfrey of Bouillon and his…

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  • Comparison Between The First Crusade And The Seljuk Turks

    test, we managed to determine the date of the treaty and it correctly fit in the Crusades era period of time. The treaty was between Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred de Hauteville, and the Caliphate of Seljuk Turks. It was written and signed during the sieging of Jerusalem. After the first failed attempt, the leaders of the crusade agreed they needed help to continue sieging Jerusalem. The Crusaders sieged Jerusalem for 40 days before succeeded to enter the city. During the siege, they suffered from…

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  • The First Crusades: The Third Crusade

    the Levant. The Second Crusade A French monk, who went by the name, 'Peter the Hermit', created a mixed up army, that consisted of soldiers and peasants. Peter and his army created a People's Crusade in 1096, by inspiring people to battle against the Muslims for the Holy Land. The People's Crusade ended badly and unfortunately failed, resulting in most of the Crusaders being killed by Turkish soldiers. The Third Crusade By joining the German, French, Italian, and Belgium an able army was…

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  • Byzantium And The Crusades Compare And Contrast

    threat even though relations between Christians from the West and East had been intractable. Despite this, Alexius’ request came at a time when the situation had been improving . In November 1095, at the Council of Clermont in southern France, the pope called on Western Christians to fight alongside and aid the Byzantines as well as recapture the Holy Land from Muslim control. The pope’s plea resulted in a colossal response and those who joined the armed pilgrimage would wear a cross as a symbol…

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  • The Crusade: The Failure Of The First Crusades

    the crusades it looked as the Muslims were the powerful force that could not be defeated following all of the Christians failures that they experienced early on, but the Christians were able to turn things around and by the end the end of the First Crusades it was the Christians that were on top. While the Christians experienced many failures in the start of the First Crusades, it was the failures that the Muslims experienced which lead to the success of the Christian Crusaders. The success of…

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