Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

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  • The Benefits Of Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons have been in the world’s possession since 1945, almost 70 years ago. In those 70 years, nuclear bombs were launched twice at the same target—Japan—by the same attacker—the United States. For being used so little times, is it really worth keeping these arms, especially taking in the costs? How do the nuclear deterrence finances affect countries with nuclear weapons? Considering the lack of use for the defenses, it is economically unwise to continue funding the production of nuclear artilleries. They should be disarmed and banned. Some would say non-proliferation, or the limitation of, nuclear arsenals is the best way to handle the threat of war and debt. Others disagree and take the side of disarmament entirely, because non-proliferation seems to not work. A majority of nations in the world have signed a document known as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). This supposedly limits the amount of countries who can obtain nuclear weapons. However, since it has been signed in 1968, the treaty has shown to be ineffective. More and more countries are getting their hands on these dangerous arms, whether they are allowed to or not. According to the NPT, only five countries are legally allowed to own nuclear armaments: the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom,…

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  • The Relationship Between South Korea And North Korea

    In 2005, the U.S. and North Korea were in conflict due to North Korea’s money laundering bank, Banco Delta Asia (BDA), and then the talks had been delayed. In 2005, in the middle of delaying, North Korea conducted their 1st nuclear test which brought international condemnation. When a ‘2.13 agreement’ was made in 2007, it seemed that they got a clue to the solution of the problem. The agreement was composed of shutting down and disabling nuclear facilities in North Korea. In return, other…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Iranian Nuclear Proliferation

    “Analyze proliferation risk in the Middle East” “ Proliferation begets proliferation” (George Shultz) The escalation of Iranian and North Korea nuclear crisis causes apprehension that deteriorating security condition in the Middle East will encourages additional countries to seek nuclear weapons. Iran nuclear program will open the nuclear armament race in the Middle East. Iran is seeking for nuclear bomb for many reasons such as security and political, domestic at the same time that will…

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  • Why Did India Join The NSG?

    In 1944, India started a nuclear program for the purpose of creating nuclear power. But in the 1954 they switched the direction of program into making nuclear weapons. The Indian government reach out to the United States’ government and Canada’s government to help get the supplies and components for a nuclear research reactor. The United States and Canada agreed to the Indian under the idea that they was going to use the reactor for peaceful purposes only. The project was moving steadily forward…

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  • Nuclear Security In Turkey

    Nuclear Security: Following policy concerns worries about nuclear proliferation are perhaps the next biggest threat to the development of nuclear energy in Turkey. The crux of the issue is Turkey’s geographical location. Unfortunately, for much of the world Turkey is situated in a “dangerous neighborhood” where nuclear proliferation is a constant fear. Furthermore, Turkey has been depicted as a proliferation domino set to fall in a scenario where Iran develops or acquires nuclear weapons. As the…

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  • Zero Sum Logic Essay

    The proper Global Security role of the United States in the international order over the next 20 years will need to be a “lead by example mentality.” There needs to be a better U.S. and China (G2) relationship in order to tackle the major ecumenical quandaries the world faces such as climate change, economic imbalances, nuclear proliferation, and interventions in failed states, terrorism, energy, and food security. The U.S. needs to take the initiative and dissever itself from the notion of “the…

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  • Guilty By Suspicion: The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cities wiped out in seconds, nuclear fallout that lasts years, and consequences on how we see life today. Ever since their inception we have barely maintained a hold on the reins of a weapon that could wipe out the world. The atomic weapons of the past are but a fraction of the power we now have with hydrogen bombs. Nuclear weapons have shaped society in many ways, in the cold war we lived in constant fear that everything we’ve ever known will be destroyed before we even knew what happened. The…

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  • Coercive Diplomacy Case Study

    diplomacy to avert North Korea’s nuclear proliferation and prevent further action is extremely necessary but it is not efficient enough. I think a more successful way is to create a regimen so that North Korea has no choice but to denuclearize. Schelling states “coercion requires finding a bargain, arranging for him to be better off doing what we want-worse off not doing what we want-when he takes the threatened penalty into account.”1 The goal of coercive diplomacy is to not only stop North…

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  • Russian Federation Case Study

    PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW The purpose of this briefing book is to provide an outline of the Russian Federation’s objectives, strategies, and key issues in relation to the diplomatic settlement of the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula through the resumption of the six-party talks. The talks will officially take place on the 29th of October in the Global Links room (Building 1A, Floor 2) in Beijing. Each negotiation round will take approximately 2 hours. In these negotiations, all parties (The…

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  • A Growing Threat Document Analysis

    My recommendation for dealing with “A Growing Threat” document is to publish it. The government’s reaction to this document was to hold off on publication of a story on the seized Korean device until the government is ready to announce it. The government offered an exclusive interview in exchange, but no date was given as when the story would be released. The public deserves to know the true extent of the North Korean threat. The public was already aware of the fact that the North Koreans sold…

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