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  • People's Republic Of Imperial China

    topics)? I learned that in China live a lot of animals as well as people. Most are common animals that live in other countries but some of the animals that live in China I have never even heard of. Some other thing I learned were the sports of China. I never knew anything or much less heard of anything such as Shadow boxing. Before taking this Mandarin Class or listening from the presentations I never even heard anything called a Mid-Autumn festival even though I have heard of the Chinese New Year. I also learned about many new athletes and politicians. I learned more about famous people heard of and I also learned about new people I have never even heard of before. I also learned a ton of new things about the Chinese Government. I never knew that there was a People’s Republic of China and the Imperial China. Lastly, I learned a lot about chinese culture. Its culture including its language was fastinating and interesting. I was amazed and facinated by the statues, temples and other places its people created like the Terricotta Army and the Forbidden City.…

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  • The Communist Party Politburo: The People's Republic Of China

    The Communist party is the one party in control currently, created in 1921 the communist party of china finally accepted the people’s republic of china in 1949 after years of armed struggle. The Party's 85-million membership makes it the largest political party on earth. Every important choice affecting China is first debated and permitted by a handful of men who sit on the party's Political Bureau or Politburo which is the nexus of all rule in this land of 1.3 billion. The 25-member Politburo…

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  • Chairman Mao Zedong: The People's Republic Of China

    Within the People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao Zedong during the latter years of his reign, mid-1960’s to mid-1970’s, implemented a series of reforms that attempted to further guide China towards a socialist society vis-à-vis a communist society. These reforms that Mao implemented were in regards to the increase corruption found within local leadership and underdevelopment found within villages, for example: Chen Village. Chen Village, a village within the People’s Republic of China,…

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  • The Rise Of The Roman Republic Of China

    Between 200 BCE and 200 CE the Roman republic used advanced military strategy, weapons and training to conquer the known world, roughly five thousand miles away the Han Dynasty conquered and controlled most of China using their advancements of military strategy, weapons and training. By the time 200 BCE rolled around for the Roman empire they were at their pinnacle. Having already conquered all of Italy, surrounding island, and parts of Spain, they were becoming the strongest military power…

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  • Self Strengthening Movement Analysis

    China’s industrialization is forced due to the “barbarism” action from Britain, France and many other countries, which recalls from the first Opium War, the event that aroused the industrialization in China, and later on the second Opium war… Due to the pressures from enemies,…

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  • Importance Of Business Expansion In Taiwan

    Business Expansion in Taiwan Introduction Taiwan is a small island/country situated off the eastern coast of China. Home to over 23.5 million residents, the country is densely populated only covering 13,900 square miles which is about the size of Maryland. The weather may vary, but rarely reaches temperatures below zero or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The people of Taiwan, or the Taiwanese, are used to a slowed business culture. In preparation for the future, the board has given us a project in…

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  • Russian Federation Case Study

    PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW The purpose of this briefing book is to provide an outline of the Russian Federation’s objectives, strategies, and key issues in relation to the diplomatic settlement of the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula through the resumption of the six-party talks. The talks will officially take place on the 29th of October in the Global Links room (Building 1A, Floor 2) in Beijing. Each negotiation round will take approximately 2 hours. In these negotiations, all parties (The…

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  • Reflective Essay: Diversity In Public Schools

    exchange student come and stay with me. Her American name was Tiffany and she was a sophomore at Jian Ping High School, an elite school in the city of Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. Tiffany taught me a lot about diversity, Katherine W. Phillips said, “Even simply being exposed to diversity can change the way you think.” In other countries, the standardized…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Nationalist Revolution And The Chinese Revolution Of 1911

    Sun Yat-sen published and mass released Fundamentals of National Reconstruction to guide the country during this tumultuous time and to give the people a model with which to strive for. In this piece Sun Yat-sen details the three main principals of revolution: nationalism, democracy, and livelihood. Nationalism to the Nationalist Revolution was crucial; it showed that “the Chinese as a people are independent in spirit and in conduct.” The political situation of China leading into this…

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  • Formosa Research Paper

    world hasn’t lived peace for the emergence of two major rivals: the United States and the USSR. The US had the notion of being a mighty country in the world and the confidence to be the first power politically, economically and culturally. The US put well-planned programs to eliminate the USSR and its threat. The cold war and the US interventions, then, began. Promptly, the United States involved in Chinese affair. It regarded China as a threat to the non-communist countries and should be…

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