The Rise Of The Roman Republic Of China

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Between 200 BCE and 200 CE the Roman republic used advanced military strategy, weapons and training to conquer the known world, roughly five thousand miles away the Han Dynasty conquered and controlled most of China using their advancements of military strategy, weapons and training.

By the time 200 BCE rolled around for the Roman empire they were at their pinnacle. Having already conquered all of Italy, surrounding island, and parts of Spain, they were becoming the strongest military power in the world. 300 years earlier they had thrown out the king and became a republic, allowing the wealthy known as patricians to dominate. Executive authority was exercised by two consuls, but were advised by patricians in the Senate. Even the poorer class
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One of the biggest issues surrounding a vast military industrial complex is money. Training, armor, food, weapons, salary plus an honorarium to those who were honorably discharged were all expenses that the republic had to account for during the expansion. Looting and taking what they found was one of the ways that they paid for these campaigns. One of the strategies they used was the siege, cutting off a town or building from getting resources. They used weapons such as the Scorpion, which worked like a crossbow and fired large javelins that could pick off soldiers on the wall. Another one of these seige weapons was the Ballista, they could be as tall as 6 meters. They also used battering rams to try to take down the gates. Being in the military was also the easier way for the average person to become a Roman citizen. Food being an issue for such a large army, when moving or chasing an enemy army, often they would just take what they wanted from the surrounding towns and …show more content…
While Rome wished to expand their territory and conquer the world, the Chinese wanted a unified country. In the 202 BCE in the Battle of Gaixia, the Han defeated the Chu to take control of China. Liu Bang, later changing it to Emperor Gaozu, declared himself emperor and disbanded his armies and allowed his soldiers to return home. At the beginning of the dynasty legalism was the ideology that most of china followed, but scholar Lu Jia wrote and read twelve volumes of Xinyu. This book talked of the values of moral governing rather then harsh and punitive laws. After listening to this scholar read his book, Emperor Gaozu was deeply impressed and changed the country to Confucianism. The Han Dynasty saw may amazing inventions during their 400 year reign. Beginning with the making of papermaking, nautical steering rudder, negative numbers in mathematics, and the biggest one by far is the use of stirrups with horse. Which allowed quicker, more agile movements using calvery in

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