Importance Of Business Expansion In Taiwan

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Business Expansion in Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island/country situated off the eastern coast of China. Home to over 23.5 million residents, the country is densely populated only covering 13,900 square miles which is about the size of Maryland. The weather may vary, but rarely reaches temperatures below zero or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The people of Taiwan, or the Taiwanese, are used to a slowed business culture. In preparation for the future, the board has given us a project in order to increase profits, so Technovancing has decided to search for another partner. So, in the process of choosing a new partner, Taiwan has presented itself as a viable option.

In the next year or so, Technovancing Inc. will send employees to establish a headquarter in New Taipei, also known for being the largest city in Taiwan. The market for electronics is growing exponentially in Taiwan, and Technovancing need to take hold of the opportunity. We will target the younger generation and hopefully make profits at record heights.
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The purpose of this report is to locate which type of businesses succeed most in Taiwan, simplify the potential challenges we may have as an organization when conducting business in a foreign country, whether that be cultural or social issues, and most importantly explain how the relationship between Taiwan and the United States can only be beneficial to our company.

In preparation for this report, our team has analyzed the profit margins of new and upcoming businesses located in New Taipei. Companies as Apple and Microsoft have already started small corporations in New Taipei and have been very successful. We have also studied the relationship between the United States and Taiwan, and the two countries economically and politically seem to match making our jobs as salesmen easier.

Relationships Between the United States and

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