Advantages Of Overseas Expansion

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Register to read the introduction… Some argued the moral position of this situation. They thought it was wrong to subjugate other nations for America’s welfare; and they were willing to apply the human rights to the people in the foreign lands. Others criticized the act of hypocrisy America was in. The United States knew what it was to fight for the liberation of its people, but still it wanted to do the same thing to less-develop countries. The anti-expansionists saw the contradiction of America’s actions. It wanted to help the world by bringing democracy and freedom to its people, but when dealing with the Philippines for example, it fought a bloody war denying them with the basic rights America claimed it stood for.
Just as the Anglo-Saxon superiority was an argument used in favored of overseas expansion, many people also found how to use it against it. Racism was one of the reasons why some Americans were not in favored of overseas expansion. Some of the anti-expansionists thought that their race was too good to be mixed up with other under-developed races. They feared that by taking possession of lands where people spoke other languages, believed in other religions rather than Christianity, and had different cultures, would
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People who favored this idea used as supporting arguments that the economy will grow even more and that investment opportunities would arise. Missioners propelled this policy with the idea of spreading Christianity to the foreigners. The belief in manifest destiny and Anglo-Saxon led many Americans to support this effort, but many did not like the hypocrisy in which America stood. They also disagreed in subjugating other nations just because America thought is was superior, and there were some who did not want to see their blood mixed up with those of inferior

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