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  • Solar Energy Policy Analysis

    Solar Energy has had a complicated history in America, but it has been growing steadily throughout President Barack Obama 's tenure as president. During the Energy Crisis in the 1970s President Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the White House, but within just a few years President Ronald Reagan removed them. Meanwhile, other countries like Germany, Japan, and Italy greatly expanded their solar industries, leading them to far surpass America 's. While solar has had a difficult history in the United States, but after years of setbacks, the Obama administration has been working harder to make solar energy a key part of America 's sustainability plan. Overall, President Obama 's pro-solar policies have helped the growth of the solar…

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  • Airborne Pollution In China

    New regulatory Policies of the Chinese State Council A.Xin Jinping announces new measures to regulate air pollution. 1.Carbon emissions are becoming a major environmental issue. 2.The health of the Chinese citizenry is at risk. B.The Chinese government will invest of new coal burning technology. 1.Coal burning will emit lower levels of carbon into the air. III.China will implement new automobile regulations to decrease airborne carbon emissions. A.The Chinese state will cap carbon…

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  • The Greenland Ice Sheet

    stabilization at or below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial temperatures should be the goal of climate change policy. Warming above this level would likely cause large areas of the Greenland Ice Sheet to melt, would put the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at substantial risk, and would cause widespread disruption to global ecosystems and the hydrologic cycle.” (Moore, 2009) Therefore, the U.S. decision to sign the bilateral agreement with China, another large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions,…

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  • The Maryland Department Of Natural Resources (DNR)

    What is an Environmental Policy? An environmental policy statement is a declaration of an organizations commitment to the environment (Green Business Program, n.d.). The policy provides a summary of the organization’s environmental goals and how to achieve the goals. The organization can provide a unified vision through an environmental policy statement, in which employees can refer and identify actions of the organization. Additionally, an environmental policy can provide a clear explanation…

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  • Collective Action

    The problem with finding a solution to policy creation to combat the issue of global warming has been proven to be complicated and complex. Many ideas have been brought up within political spheres with regards to how best to go about this. Currently, the model of collective action is regarded as one of the more suitable ways to combat global warming. Collective action may help policy focused on global warming to an extent, however other ideas such as taking a polycentric approach to the issue…

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  • The Role Of Primacy In The Iraq War

    This article discusses the under evaluation of the effects of war carried out by the United States military. Although there is much debate about foreign policy, there isn’t must justification for our nation’s wars. As the Iraq war grew unpopular, the analytical focus shifted deficiencies in intelligence analysis, war-planning, and counterinsurgency doctrine. There is not much focus on the theories of democratization, energy security, non-proliferation, and of failed states justifying the war and…

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  • Building Assessment Tools Essay

    The attainment of framework of sustainable construction principles is implemented through legislation, policies and strategies (i.e. methods, building tools and construction practices). Legislation and policy were introduced by construction organisation, and the governments worldwide to control the impact of construction activities on society and the environment. It is a minimum requirement and compliance of construction firms to follow professional and industry codes of practice and guidelines…

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  • Storm Of My Grandchildren Summary

    It provided a great summary of some of Hansen’s most critical scientific findings, as well as his experience with policy makers. A story like his helps people understand the severity of climate change without getting too lost in scientific language. The most publicised information about climate change normally comes from media, which has a focus on the political side of things. Its important for people to understand the research behind climate change facts, and what some of the issues are with…

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  • The Importance Of Auditing IT Controls

    Are your policies and procedures something that sit on a shelf until the auditors and/or regulators ask to see them? Have they become akin to "Shelfware"? As I write this, my colleagues and I are very busy assisting companies with assessing risks, recommending security posture and well yeah, auditing IT controls too. So what about policies and procedures? Where do they fit? Are they anything more than the product of “give the auditors what they want”? When was the last time or better yet,…

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  • Wicked Problems In Food System Essay

    On the other hand, as consumers who have “responsibility for one’s part in the food economy,” we must also understand how political factors contribute to ‘wicked’ problems (Berry, 1990). Wicked problems occur when “stakeholders [of the food system] may have conflicting interpretations of the problem and the science behind it, as well as different values, goals, and life experiences” (Kreuter et al., 2004, p. 441). As a result, the following essay will explore why wicked problems cause certain…

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