Sustainable Construction Essay

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The attainment of framework of sustainable construction principles is implemented through legislation, policies and strategies (i.e. methods, building tools and construction practices). Legislation and policy were introduced by construction organisation, and the governments worldwide to control the impact of construction activities on society and the environment. It is a minimum requirement and compliance of construction firms to follow professional and industry codes of practice and guidelines when implementing sustainable construction practices. The imposing of legislations and policies has driven construction firms to strategic plan their construction activities (Tan, Shen & Yao 2010).Australia 6 star energy rating Environmental management …show more content…
The implementation of EMS is adopted by construction firms by which the firm would make proposition of specific EMS for each project at the beginning of construction activity. The EMS has four key requirements. The first key in order to develop EMS is establishing an environmental policy. This policy will determine the environmental performance level set by the construction organisation. For instance, Lendlease has adopted an environmental policy within their firm with a statement of “Lend Lease aspires to be a sustainable organisation which goes beyond sustaining the natural environment on which we depend for our commercial activity, to a long-term goal of restoring the environment in which our projects and operations are placed.” (LEND Lease). The second key requirement of EMS is to allocate and form organisation structure, responsibilities, authority, communication lines and resources. The third key is to develop an Environmental Management Program (EMP), which will clarify the environmental objectives, and to carry out construction activities with the compliance with the environmental policy. The fourth key requirement of EMS request construction firms to commence an audit of the environmental performance of the construction team and the effectiveness of the EMS. This will provide an essential information feedback of EMS to management where it can address the identified weakness. Often the audit of EMS is done by the environmental managers or a consultant, which later it can be incorporated in the annual company

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