Summer Internship Report Essay

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Introduction The following report describes the Summer Semester 2015 internship at “Million Words Publishing, LLC”. I mention the experience and training received while working as Senior Media Assistant. The experience and responsibilities expected of all interns. During the eight weeks of working the internship, I write the accomplishments accomplished and the resourceful information to prepare me for a position in the media arena. In addition, I will explain the reason I choose this organization to perform the internship hours. Also, I will mention the opportunities Million Words Publishing, LLC, offers to students coming into the business on a first- time basis and the knowledge you will receive before leaving their company. The promotions they offer, along with lasting services for qualifying customers. I mention the extravagant of the …show more content…
I work as a Social Media Intern Assistant for an organization called “Million Words Publishing, LLC. The organization, a Christian based publisher has been in business since 1997. They assist authors, entertainers, corporations, churches and individuals in producing and publishing their work. In addition, this corporation offers the highest level of training and practical work experience that will prepare you for a career in the media arena. It’s a pleasure working with Alice Johnson the Director of “Million Words Publishing, LLC “. She provides excellent training for the Social Media Assistant position including expected duties. In addition to working with Ms. Johnson, I have the opportunity to work a schedule that will benefit time researching web articles, stories, resources, or other content that is pertinent to the customer base and post information to their social networks in a timely method that invites conversation and interaction, consistently replying to comments, messages,

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