Camden County Partnership For Children Pros And Cons

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The internship’s place that I got accepted is Camden County Partnership for Children, Inc. Camden County Partnership for Children is an organization that started their services on January 1, 2004 which was initiated by statewide to develop services that can help families with children with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges. Camden County Partnership for Children is also a non-profit case management organization that obtains supports from the New Jersey of Child Behavioral Health. Children involves in the programs most of the time are usually going through educational, legal, psychological or social challenges or normally are involved with multiple social service systems. Also, provides services to children and families located at …show more content…
Camden County Partnership for Children beliefs is a philosophy called Wraparound. Wraparound is based on a philosophy of care that trust that a union of a family can overcome their barriers by constructing upon their existing strengths, knowing that there are resources available for them with personal and personal support.
The Wraparound philosophy is based on:
• No Eject/No Reject: The Camden County Partnership for Children is a voluntary program that adjustable to any to make any changes in any circumstances that will be beneficial for your children or family. If the wraparound plan is not working then the team will examine the plan to make more beneficial for the client.
• Strengths-Based: everyone one has their own type of strengths and it should be discover for the service to get to the main goals which is to help the child or the family. It should also be involve the client’s interest, preference, resources and local support to help the families along the
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Every week I try to make a plan of what I am going to do every Wednesday that I go to. Sometimes I go with care managers to see different families which some of the meetings are a face-to-face, follow up, or to make different plans for the child and the family. I usually do inter office hours, sometimes I might leave early with one of the care managers to see families, or I might have to see a family after work. My schedule needs to go with the care managers family meetings. I meet with CCPC’s team meeting one per month and I also meet with my supervisor twice a month to keep her updated. The main purpose of this internship is for me to get experience and get some learning from this field. I need to learn the research engagement techniques, de-escalation techniques, treatment planning and transition planning which are the basic and main learning in the Camden County Partnership for Children organization. What I have done so far to visit different families cases such as face-to-face and making a new plan for children and families. From these visits, I have obtained the way of how care managers treat and behave with the children and families.
Sociological Concepts Some Sociological concepts that relates to my field experience and that I see in action at my placement are behavioral management, family dysfunction, peer socialization, mental dysfunction, emotional dysfunction, deviance, and Social

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