Why Medicine Is A Clmination Of My Experience In The Emergency Department

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My decision to pursue medicine is a culmination of my experiences throughout college. I entered my freshman year with the mindset to create an impact on the medical field. I relentlessly sought medical opportunities and immersed myself in this intriguing field. Through my experiences volunteering and working, I was reassured that the ever-changing nature of medicine would allow me to utilize my skills to the fullest and challenge me daily.
The dynamic nature of work in the emergency department always intrigued me. I pursued this curiosity by volunteering at the Emergency Department of Children 's Hospital of Michigan. I chose this setting because the emergency department is the forefront of primary care; it is here that all types of patients
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I was trained and tested on medical terminology and transitioned from my 4-hour volunteer shifts to 10 hour rigorous working shifts. With time, I understood there is so much more to being a physician than just seeing new faces and deciphering diagnoses. I recall many experiences with Dr. Khalid, a resident physician. After each patient exam, he would tell me tips to make a greater physician. For instance, one of his patients was dissatisfied with the quality of care she received in another hospital and Dr. Khalid keenly listened to her concerns and treated her with respect, as always. Before the physical exam had even ended, the patient commented she already felt properly cared for. After her discharge, he mentioned to me, "Treat each patient like she/he is your mother and you will be commended for your work. Small gestures such as putting your hand on their shoulder and making eye contact is all it takes for the patient to feel in good hands". I took his advice seriously and plan to implement it with my own patients one day. Overall, the job has been gratifying and I appreciate the time I get to spend with the physicians and patients. I feel I am becoming more familiar with how the physicians run their exams, practicing the medical terminology they use, and learning proper bedside

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