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  • Clinical Psychology Research Paper

    Clinical Psychology The science of studying people through observation, experiment, and investigation of behaviors in different situation ( is called clinical psychology, which is the most practice subfield in psychology. Clinical psychology is a subfield in psychology that its goal is to change the behavior to its normal form by focusing on mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Therefore, not only clinical psychologists treat the disorders, but also prevent them from happening ( As clinical psychology has many sub-specialties, psychologists can specialize in different aspects of the science, which result in working in different work settings. Clinical psychologists work in academic settings as teachers and researchers,…

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  • Child Clinical Psychology Research Paper

    Child Clinical Psychology Rionnah L. O’Neal Texas A&M University - Commerce Author Note This document was prepared for Aspects of Psychology (Psychology 214), Section 01W, taught by Professor Shirley Allen-Craun. Abstract This paper was constructed for an Aspects of Psychology course that outlines the different career paths you can take with a degree in Psychology. This report covers what a child clinical psychologist is, some of the skills that may be beneficial in the career, the steps…

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  • Casein-Free Diet

    Results Fifteen peer reviewed articles addressing the clinical research questions were evaluated. Within the 15 citations, a focus was placed on the implementation of a gluten- and casein-free diet (GFCFD) and the behavioral changes (if any) in children with ASD. Table 1 summarizes the (a) participants, (b) interventions (c) comparison (d), and (e) outcome for each of the 15 included studies. Studies are grouped within the table according to their certainty of evidence classifications. Some of…

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  • Clinical Research Model In Nursing Research

    Clinical Research Model of Nurse-Driven Protocol in Diabetes Care Throughout the process of becoming a nurse, men and women are taught to rely on well-researched protocols and an ability to provide a proper analysis of current health situations. Without an inherent thirst for knowledge and the mind of a true researcher, nursing school would likely prove impossible. The format for nursing research is derived from the standard scientific method that children are taught in grade-school, but…

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  • What Is The Role Of Fieldworkers?

    CHWs can be utilised in engagement activities, however they may over-emphasize trial benefits when sharing trial information and may face animosity from community members during information sharing (Angwenyi et al., 2013). Both Field Workers and CHWs may be utilised in clinical trials. This combination may be beneficial and challenging. Learning from the experiences in a malaria vaccine trial in Kenya, fieldworkers were frontline staff employed by research team from communities in which…

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  • Pre-Marketing Process Paper

    probably do not realize how long it took to actually get the drug on the shelf or drug become available to be picked up at a local pharmacy. There is four phase to the FDA’s Approval Process: Pre-Clinical, Clinical, NDA Review, and Post Marketing. There are steps within all the phase that need to be completed before going to the next phase until a drug is made available to the public. During the Pre-Clinical phase there are three steps that have to be completed before going to the next phase,…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Safeguards For Clinical Research

    This essay will discuss the ethical safeguards for clinical research that may not apply to evidence-based projects. Additionally, this essay will discuss ethical controversies related to two ethical exemplars. In conclusion, patients’ ethical responsibility in improving healthcare will be explored. Ethical Safeguards Clinical research involves the study of investigational analysis of data or experiments that involve humans. To protect people from being harmed and to ensure that researchers…

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  • Clinical Pharmacist Research Paper

    more patient-oriented clinical roles and having pharmacists incorporated alongside doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals into a multidisciplinary team. Certain countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are expecting their pharmacists to be vastly available to patients in the community in order to provide counseling about medications. Various terms such as ‘clinical pharmacy’, ‘pharmaceutical care’ and in the UK, even ‘medicines…

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  • Clinical Supervision Research Paper

    The term ‘clinical supervision’ is sometimes used in the sense of the everyday supervision of a trainee’s performance. Clinical supervision according to ‘The Gold Guide’ to specialty training (Department of Health, 2007) involves being available,…

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  • Emergency Medicine Internship Paper

    talented researchers and physicians working together on clinical trials, and are allowing students to work on their research to get a glimpse into the medical field. The mentors were undergraduate students once so they understand the importance of getting hands on experience with medicine. The George Washington Hospital is a teaching hospital so they strive to help students in a way that will allow them to grow. There are only seven academic Departments of Emergency Medicine in the United…

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