Different Career Paths And Aspects Of Child Clinical Psychology

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Child Clinical Psychology
Rionnah L. O’Neal
Texas A&M University - Commerce

Author Note
This document was prepared for Aspects of Psychology (Psychology 214), Section 01W, taught by Professor Shirley Allen-Craun.
This paper was constructed for an Aspects of Psychology course that outlines the different career paths you can take with a degree in Psychology. This report covers what a child clinical psychologist is, some of the skills that may be beneficial in the career, the steps it takes to get educated and licensed, and where I may be willing to work after graduation. These are my own thoughts and ideas about why I chose this career field and where I want it to take me. Becoming a clinical psychologist has at most many emotional
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Even as a young child in primary school, I took great pleasure in befriending students that were two and three years younger than me. They became my best friends. I just had a bond with children all my life. My extended step family is huge and had quite a few young children. We would all get together on holidays to celebrate with each other. Of course, the adults wanted time away from their children and they all resultantly flocked to me. I had to repeatedly expose myself to the babies for them to trust me (but that does not take much time or effort), but; the bigger kids took a little work. We would play and play until it was time to go. They would not even allow me to eat! The older kids loved to talk to me about their lives and we would go to the nearby park and talk and make up activities to do all evening. Dealing with the younger generation most of my short life, I have become good at listening to disorganized stories and coming up with a plausible conclusions and suitable advice. Listening to different viewpoints has kept my mind open and encouraged me to be more inquisitive because, quite frankly, children are such interesting …show more content…
A Doctorate of Philosophy deals with more theory. These psychologists can understand and apply research, but are also have expertise in conducting their own research. They create new knowledge and stress upon creating new scientists and unique discoveries. A dissertation is more involved with this degree and one will need to create and defend research study that makes a new contribution to literature in the field, taking an additional one to two years.
University of Kansas. The Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas offers a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology. The Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association as a training program in the area of Clinical Psychology with a Child Emphasis.* The Clinical Child Psychology Program does not admit students interested in pursuing a terminal Master’s degree. (University of Kansas Website)
University of Memphis. The child clinical concentration emphasizes developmental psychopathology and biopsychosocial-cultural approaches to understanding normal and maladaptive processes in infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and their families. This track offers diversified coursework, research, and practicum opportunities related to, child clinical assessment/intervention, pediatric psychology, adolescent health, and children’ social relations. Acceptance-Based, Behavioral Family Systems, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Culturally-Tailored are the prominent approaches

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