Clinical Psychology Essay

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Clinical Psychology
The science of studying people through observation, experiment, and investigation of behaviors in different situation ( is called clinical psychology, which is the most practice subfield in psychology. Clinical psychology is a subfield in psychology that its goal is to change the behavior to its normal form by focusing on mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Therefore, not only clinical psychologists treat the disorders, but also prevent them from happening ( As clinical psychology has many sub-specialties, psychologists can specialize in different aspects of the science, which result in working in different work settings. Clinical psychologists work in academic settings as teachers and researchers,
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However, counseling psychologists observe and investigate individuals’ behavior in personal level as well as its relationship to other people and the environment ( Counseling psychologists help individuals to cope with the person’s distress that can be the result of the existence of stressful situations ( Therefore, counseling psychology concentrates on helping individuals overcome their physical and emotional problems, as well as diagnose and treat mental health disorders ( Counseling psychology has variety of specialties that allows the psychologist to work with people in all ages, help them in general and daily issues, or diagnose and assess severe mental health disorders …show more content…
Psychologists who are interested in studying the different styles of learning and teaching, and focus on understanding and promoting educational methods are called educational psychologist ( Educational psychologists are interested in theories of human learning and developmental processes, as it can help them understand the reasons behind effectiveness of learning methods ( Educational psychologists can practice their sub-discipline in different work settings such as working in schools, doing research, in addition to working with individuals in all ages ( Therefore, educational psychology focuses on understanding the emotional and cognitive process in relation with learning experience that can result in improving the learning system

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