Reflective Essay On Counseling

Journal Reflection

Who we are personally and professional are entwined together. Our personal life impacts our professional life and vice versa. As professional counselors, we have to find that balance with managing personal and professional boundaries and how our values and beliefs affect what we do professionally. The challenge of balancing life roles are essential in any career, as counselors we are asked to look honestly at ourselves and choose how we want to change. It is important that we are open, as we ask of our clients to be. As an effective counselor, we have to follow traits that enable us to have healthy working relationships with our clients. Therefore, we reflect on our uniqueness as a person.

Counselor Awareness of Own Cultural Values and Biases

Attitudes and Beliefs

Counselors need to be culture skilled in self-awareness and sensitivity to personal heritage. One has to be aware of their cultural background and experiences which influence the individual’s attitudes, values, and biases. A counselor has to be able to
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153). I have to be defined by the knowledge I have acquired over years of research and practice. I to have high standers in education, ethics, and personal growth, because of the dedication to a lifelong learning. Because life is constantly changing, a counselor finds ways to impact society and provides scientific evidence to prove theories. I will need to be aware of changes to learn new concepts to improve the life of clients. A counselor applies, evaluates and researchers to reflect on their own work. They are professionals who want to have a full comprehension of the domains of psychology and the understating of linking the knowledge to the real realm of the society. A counselor’s knowledge impacts the life of professionals

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