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  • Humor In The Breakfast Club

    churned out well-crafted high school comedies with such regularity that one might have assumed he had developed a secret formula for hit films.” In The Breakfast Club, John Hughes tested the bounds of comedy with “kids”. Similar to Ernst Lubitsch, he directed with an indescribable “touch” which altered aspects of dialogue, sound, setting, and mood to relate a subtle subtext. He opened with the introduction of five “stereotypes” and the song “Don’t You Forget about Me” to attract audiences into another world. The jokes came from his mind, into the characters, and onto the screen in an almost effortless fashion. The Breakfast Club is funny because of its main characters, “The Brat Pack.” Whether it’s John Bender (Judd Nelson), Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez), Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall), Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald) or Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy), the lyrics of Hughes are always delivered with perfection. “Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?”-Bender. “Excuse me, sir. I think there 's been a mistake. I know we 're in detention but I don 't think I belong here.”- Claire. “No, I don’t wear tights, I wear the required uniform.”-Andrew. Hughes’ characters provide the laughter and develop the story too. Austerlitz notes, “He’s been lauded for the wit and delicacy of his dialogue, but his is a highly stylized form of aimless chatter.” Make no mistake; humor in The Breakfast Club resides within the conversational lingo of its characters. “Face it nerd you’re…

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  • Cliques In The Breakfast Club

    Arriving to school at 7 in the morning is hard enough, but doing so on a Saturday for detention, is even tougher! Yet five students, from different walks of life do just this, in one of the most iconic movie of the ‘80s. Directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club, is a film that follows the events of five teenagers serving their time -and shenanigans- in detention, while lifelong friendships are made by the simple act of understanding and relation. In the opening of the movie, the teenagers…

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  • Jose Rizal And The 1896 Revolution Analysis

    SS014: Thinkpiece No. 2 JOSE RIZAL AND THE 1896 REVOLUTION Bicomong, Patricia Anne B. 2015101919 History tells us that Dr. Jose Rizal became the Philippine national hero as he fought for freedom using a pen as a sword. Rizal is well-known for his two novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Unlike other national heroes who fought aggressively and through violent means, Rizal believed that independence could be achieved peacefully. All Filipinos and even non-Filipinos who study the history…

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  • The Importance Of Friends In Thailands

    I find it easier and more comfortable to be around the friends that I’ve made here in Thailand than those that I’ve made in the Philippines. I think it’s due to the fact that I grew up and spent more time with my friends here. (I. Amurao, personal communication, 10 December 2014) Paulo showed the opposite sentiments, however, when he said that he is still adjusting to making friends in Thailand, at the same time still feeling close to friends he had left behind in the Philippines. It was…

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  • Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

    1. Did Rizal supported the 1896 Philippine Revolution of bonifacio? Why or why not? - I don’t think he did. If I were to tell based on what I understand in his point of view, he don’t want Filipinos to revolt yet, because he knew that this will not succeed. But on the other hand, I think that he supported it on his own ways. He wanted Filipinos to be free, one of the reason why he build the group “La liga Filipina, it’s because he wanted too, to revolt but I think he is still waiting for the…

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  • Pros And Cons To Annex The Philippines

    countries that were sought after but also their locations offered strategic points for harbors that the country can port their ships for resupply or stock up supplies for wartime. In Senator 's Alfred Beveridge speech at Congress, the Philippines would grant us a base of operations where we can easily trade with China. These places offered income and a convenient place that would secure future operations. In return for this great deal we suffered at the expense of the trust of the Filipino…

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  • The Stereotypes Of John Hughes's The Breakfast Club

    emotions of each actor so that each role would distinctly represent each stereotype. Claire Standish, played by Molly Ringwald, was first introduced in a shiny, silver BMW speaking of how she could not believe her dad could not get her out of this situation. Also, it told the audience that she is in detention because she left school to go shopping. Easily, this portrays a stuck-up, prissy girl. Brian Johnson, played by Anthony Michael Hall, was first introduced in a crowded car with his mom. His…

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  • The Greasers Analysis

    Synopsis: The greasers and the Socs, two rival groups in the mid 1960’s, are facing many challenges throughout The Outsiders. Ponyboy, played by C Thomas Howell, is a young teenager living with his two older brothers Darry, Patrick Swayze, and Sodapop, Rob Lowe. He is part of the greaser gang, along with his closest friends Dally, Matt Dillon, Johnny, Ralph Macchio, Two-Bit, Emilio Estevez, and Steve, Tom Cruise. The two social groups do not get along, to say the least. Throughout the movie,…

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  • The Hitcher Analysis

    Cane. As the discussion unfolds, an axed maniac walks out of a store across the street and slowly makes his way to the window of the diner. As soon as the name Sutter Cane is mentioned, the axed maniac bursts through the window and calmly asks XXX whether he reads Sutter Cane. It is a crazy scene that gets the blood pumping for the rest of the flick. Another interesting note from the scene is hearing XXX mention that nobody pulls his strings. Foreshadowing the rest of the plot in the opening is…

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  • Molly Ringwald Research Paper

    Ringwald was noticed by a new director named John Hughes. John Hughes wanted Ringwald to play Samantha in 16 Candles. It was Hughes’s first movie. Ringwald got the part and they started working together. It was also Ringwald's first movie with Anthony Michael Hall. In 1985, Ringwald won the awards best actress and best young artist. In the same year, Ringwald was in another John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club was the second movie that she was in with Anthony Michael Hall.…

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