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  • Personal Narrative: The Molding Tree

    The Molding Tree How are we molded into the people we’re becoming? Do we wake up one day and decide that we hate biological warfare? Does someone program our minds to be decisionless machines until a specific day when everything makes sense? From the time we take our first breaths, until the time we lay down on our deathbed, our minds are being molded into new shapes and ideas. We aren’t shaped by the thick plaster they use to mold clay- no, our minds are much too complicated for that. Instead, we’re cast out of the flesh, blood and bones of the familiar strangers we’re born to. They influence us from the moment we’re born, chiseling away at the things we do to reform us into the people we need to be to survive this cruel world. Everyones ' mold concaves and convexes in different ways, however the best part is the story of how the mold formed. I remember staying the night at my grandma’s house, laying on a makeshift bed between two old and stained woven couches. We’d lay there for hours, talking as we waited for the cold hands of sleep to drag us under. I would listen to her telling me all the wonders of being able to take glass soda bottles to the candy store, cash the bottles in for a nickel a bottle, and leave with pockets overflowing with candy. At five years old, nothing sounded better. As the years ticked by, however, the stories took on a dark undertone. Stories of bombs, riots, busses being tipped, and a teacher being stabbed with a pair of scissors were now just as…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Radiation

    Doctors have claimed that people are more prone to develop brain tumors on those sides of the head which are around the ear used for cell phone communication. The sad fact is that the world is divided over the issue. In response to the Pathophysiology report, Health Canada asserted that no substantial amount of evidence exists to support the scientists’ claims. And even renowned organizations like the W.H.O do not count cell phone radiation as a major health risk with the view that EMF…

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  • Disadvantages Of Electronic Communication

    , There are pros and con to electronic communication. For the Pros, it is provides a fast and efficient way to communicate with anyone in the world. A person can easily different kinds of send In our society today, there are many forms of electronic communication. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using them. However, in my opinion, I feel that there are a lot of disadvantages of using electronic communication. There are several reasons why I have come to this conclusion. The…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    When a DC voltage is supplied to the coil it induces a current flow through the coil. The electric current and the magnetic field will therefore interact resulting to a force, which pushes the coil to move in its direction. Figure 2: Torque production in a DC motor (Hambley et al., 2008) In a real DC motor, there are many such coils wounded on the rotor, and they will all be pushed in the direction of the force causing their rotation. The current flowing in the coil is directly…

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  • Aci Acid Rain Research Paper

    current (Woodford). The working of an AC generator is based on electromagnetic induction which means that whenever a flux passing through the circuit changes, an EMF is induced in it and a current begins to flow (R.Nave, AC Motors and Generators). A generator consists of: 1. A magnet with concave cylindrical poles that create a radial magnetic field. 2. An armature which is a soft iron core with insulated copper wire is wound tightly around it. 3. Two metal slip rings that are insulated from…

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  • Finding The Magnetic Fields Of The 3 Wires

    element with width of dr and length of L. Its area will be: 퐴 = 퐿 푑푟 The flux through this small area will be: 푑휙=퐵퐴= 휇0퐼 퐿푑푟 = 휇0퐼퐿 푑푟 2휋푟 2휋푟 To find the total flux through the loop, we should integrate: h+푤 h+푤 휇0 퐼퐿 흁ퟎ 푰푳 풉+풘 휙= 푑휙= 2휋푟 푑푟= ퟐ흅 푳풏 풉 hh b) The magnitude of the induced emf is: 푒푚푓=푑휙=휇0퐿 푑퐼 퐿푛 h+푤 푑푡2휋푑푡 h Wehave퐼=푎+푏푡;therefore푑퐼 =푏.Sotheemfis 푑푡 푒푚푓=휇0퐿푏퐿푛 h+푤 2휋h 푒푚푓= 4∗3.14푒−7 ∗ 0.0461 ∗ 10.7 퐿푛 0.0225+0.144 2 ∗ 3.14 0.0225 푒푚푓= 4∗3.14푒−7 ∗ 0.0461 ∗ 10.7 퐿푛 0.0225+0.144 2 ∗…

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  • Ghost Hunters

    television shows, upon further investigation, have either highly exaggerated findings, or on occasion are completely made up or misrepresented! Sadly, at time we even come across in the general news media. Though much of the research is conducted with highly specialized instruments that many ghost hunters argue have legitimate scientific value, but most of this is lost in translation surrounded by media hype. The subject of paranormal research is a highly controversial one, there are heated…

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  • Social Media Effects On Today's Society

    During an experiment conducted a 16-channel telemetric electroencephalogram was used to record electroencephalogram (EEG) changes during the exposure of the human skull to electromagnetic frequencies from a cell phone. The area of the ipsilateral eye that was more concentrated on when being exposed to the EMF. In the period of ten to fifteen seconds there wasn’t any change. After twenty to forty seconds a slow wave activity began to show and this activity appeared to show in the contralateral…

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  • Access To Technology

    might not have otherwise been there. I’ve had many memorable moments with my parents, siblings, friends, and coworkers all thanks to some kind of technological device. From laughing hysterically at a Snapchat, to discussing ideas proposed in a particular article, to Skyping with or calling my grandparents who live in California, I’m constantly benefiting from the use of technology. On an energetic level, all of the devices that we surround ourselves with are also constantly emitting…

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  • Black People In Flint

    of 56.6% of the city population in 2010. Her argument is that because there are more black people in the city, that was why it was easy for the government to neglect their welfare and decided to deceive the residents about the pollution of the water (Pulido 2013, 3). She also said that the white people abandoned Flint and left when the companies left the city. By providing this evidence, I believe that she proved that what went on in Flint was a result of racism. Moreover, this shows that what…

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