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  • Thomas Edison's Invention Of The Phonograph And Gender

    one that influenced the future of music for years to come. Lisa Gitelman describes the phonograph as a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” type of device (Gitelman). Thomas Edison created the phonograph with entirely different ideas than for what it is remembered. Edison never intended for his invention to be used for music. Music was fourth on his “list of possibilities” (Taylor 13). A recording of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” ushered in a new era of music in 1877 (Rubery 10). The machine worked mechanically, and as such, no electricity was required (Taylor 12). Although music is what the phonograph is most known for, it was not used for this purpose until over a decade after its creation. Inventions by Alexander Graham Bell of the graphophone and Emilie Berliner of the gramophone competed against Edison’s phonograph. Emilie’s gramophone used a disc to operate. Soon, these machines became standard, as opposed to the cylinders that Edison’s phonograph used. It was not until the disc became standard that music began to flourish as a use for the phonograph. Other factors played into the delay: Edison’s phonograph was unsuccessful as it was, and coin-operated machines gained popularity as music-listening devices. (Taylor 14). During the late 1800s, men and women fell into very specific roles in society. The Second Industrial Revolution began in the 1870s and continued on through the early 1900s. Men were gone from their homes, working in factories and maneuvering the business world. Women were…

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  • Making A Sugary: The Process Of A Donut

    Donut Donut an sugary, sweet, snack that is spread around the world be eaten at anytime. The creator of this delicious snack that is worldwide was discovered by Dutch settler in North America. But a person who has claimed to be the inventor of making ring shaped donut, Hanson Gregory in 1847. The process of an donut is batters, various topping and flavoring used. Throughout the year many people have question about the delicious snack that might be answer through this passage. One of the…

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  • Notational Analysis In Sports

    Method This study investigated how officials (the referee, assistant referees and the fourth official) in English football were/have been portrayed in newspapers, between 17 October 2015 to 17 January 2016. Only Premier League teams were analysed but included their matches in other domestic competitions (The FA Cup and The Capital One Cup). When one (or both) Premier League teams were competing in a cup competition the match was recorded, however when neither team was a Premier League club, the…

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  • Symbolism In Willa Cather's O Pioneers !

    Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! tells the gripping tale of Alexandra, a farmer on the Nebraska plains and her ordeals as she faces obstacles with her farm life and personal life. The novel expands into further character plots, however, specifically that of Emil and Marie, Alexandra’s brother and his married love interest, respectively. Ending in tragedy, Cather memorializes them with this passage: “But the stained, slippery grass, the darkened mulberries, told only half the story. Above Marie and…

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  • Symbolism And Social Life In Cheryl Strayed's Boys In The Boat

    In the three novels, shelter plays a role in defining the main characters in the novel. The way characters act towards shelter, the condition of the shelter, and the actions that happen inside the shelter give it a symbolic meaning that relates to the main character’s personality and social life. In the novel, “Boys in the Boat”, shelter symbolizes the hard work ahead of Joe and the status of his family relationship. Joe, the main character, often lives in unfinished or very small…

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  • The Journey Of Chris Mccandless: Alex Supertramp

    Twenty-four-year-old Christopher McCandless was a strong adventurer who disappeared after graduating college to go on a backpacking trip which ended up in the Alaskan wilderness. Chris McCandless became Alex Supertramp because he wanted to explore the unexplored and discover a life without responsibility, possessions, people, money, lies, and abusive relationships. He severely wanted to prove that one’s life does not require road maps and plans but that one could be perfectly happy as a free man…

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  • Analysis Of Jon Krakauer Into The Wild And Paulo Coelho

    Jon Krakauer, the author of Into the Wild and Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist intertwine worlds of fiction and nonfiction through the personal aspects of pursuing a journey of self-discovery. Krakauer, a journalist, reports the events leading up to the death of Christopher McCandless, who embarks on a foreign path to Alaskan territory. McCandless cuts ties with his material lifestyle and relies on his newfound wits to persevere and endure the ways of the wild. Coelho depicts his…

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  • Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer: An Analysis

    While reading Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild the reaction from people can differ from person to person on the death of Christopher McCandless and his journey into the Alaskan mountains. But these reactions are all based on personal experiences that are influenced by what has happened to someone in their own life. In our eyes we easily judge someone without knowing what they have gone through in their life or who they really are. We can analyze the way we perceive situations in our lives from…

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  • Treadwell Vs Mccandless

    Imagine walking into the wild while abandoning everything ever known in life such as family, friends, place of residence, and even daily hobbies and pastimes in an attempt to dissociate from society just to experience freedom, or prove a cause that many find unnecessary and life threatening. Although it may seem like an adrenaline rush for some, there is a very slim chance for survival given the surroundings and circumstances. The author of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, reveals Chris McCandless…

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  • What Is The Moral Of Into The Wild Chapter 13 And 14

    After reading Into the Wild chapters 12 13 and 14, I had a lot of thoughts about the family background and why Chris would discard everything and get into the depths of the wilderness and start his own wild life without any hesitation. Chris’s inharmonious relationship with his parents, especially with his father, was one of the main causes that drove him away to the deserted, frigid Alaskan wild. Chris’s unquenchable anger towards his father was normal, however, unjustified. He would never be…

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